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October 08, 2013 08:00 ET

Engagor Introduces Personalized Mailboxes and Smart Folders to Customize the Social Inbox and Deliver More Relevant Results

Customer Engagement Tool Now Integrates With LinkedIn and Tumblr

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 8, 2013) - Engagor, the most comprehensive platform for real-time customer engagement, today announced Personalized Mailboxes and Smart Folders to customize the social inbox and provide only relevant results. Brands and enterprises with teams monitoring and engaging through social media can now create inboxes that fit their specific needs -- whether it's monitor an advertising campaign or dealing with customer service issues. Engagor has also integrated with LinkedIn and Tumblr, allowing social media teams to engage with customers and fans directly from the platform.

Companies that are active on social media typically have different teams and departments involved, and each of these groups has its own needs -- customer service wants to see all messages that require a direct response, while marketing is interested in the impact of its advertising campaigns. Personalized Mailboxes and Smart Folders allow users to only receive the information they are interested in and avoid being flooded with irrelevant messages that waste time and derail focus.

For example, if a large beverage brand launches a new energy drink, social engagement and monitoring is likely being done by the marketing department, customer service, public relations and corporate communications teams. Customer service can create a Personalized Mailbox where social media messages from customers are automatically placed. Smart Folders within the Personalized Mailbox can be set up to manage messages as "pending cases," "urgent questions," "archives," etc. The marketing department can create a Mailbox that only shows messages about the campaign launch, filtered by hashtag, video link or keywords. The PR team can set Mailboxes to capture media and blog coverage, influencer comments and press release pick-ups.

"Social engagement is key for our customers, which is why Engagor continues to build on its platform and add features that create an efficient workflow, so brands and enterprises can respond and interact quicker with their audiences," said Folke Lemaitre, CEO of Engagor. "Personalized Mailboxes and Smart Folders are just as simple as working in your email inbox, and the customizations are endless."

"The Personalized Mailboxes and Smart Folders will give us a good overview of the questions we get per subject matter," said Natalie Hurbuscher, Manager Webcare of T-Mobile Netherlands. "This will definitely help us to organize our social customer service more efficiently and improve our FAQs and documentation, since we will easily see which topics are generating most questions."

Engagor also announced today its integrations with LinkedIn and Tumblr. Brands and enterprises can monitor and engage across more of their social channels. With LinkedIn, they can post directly to their Company Pages, Groups and Profiles to broadcast news, monitor industry news and respond to customers who engage via the platform. The Tumblr integration allows users to post to their Tumblr blogs and Tumblr Queue, view a stream of all their Likes, and immediately engage with fans who post on their blog.

Personalized Mailboxes and Smart Folders, and the integrations with LinkedIn and Tumblr, are now available for free to all Engagor customers worldwide. For more information, visit

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Engagor is the most comprehensive platform for real-time customer engagement. It provides brands and enterprises with a powerful tool to monitor and analyze their social channels in order to efficiently engage with customers. Engagor monitors millions of sources across the social Web in more than 180 languages to track all relevant conversations about brands, products, competitors and industries. The platform also allows companies to manage social media teams with insight into team performance. Engagor has offices in San Francisco, California and Ghent, Belgium. It has received investments from Hummingbird Ventures, Strike4 and Chronos Financial. For more information, visit

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