SOURCE: Correlated Magnetics Research (CMR)

Correlated Magnetics Research (CMR)

April 07, 2016 08:42 ET

Engineered Smart Magnets for Mobile Accessories Available Now on Polymagnet Online Catalog

Add Compass-Safe Precision, Strength and Accessibility to Cases, Mounts and More

CAMPBELL, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 7, 2016) - Correlated Magnetics Research (CMR), the inventor of Polymagnet™ Smart Magnet technology and products, today announced the immediate availability of pre-engineered Polymagnet Smart Magnets for mobile accessories that add new dimensions of strength, flexibility and accessibility to cases, covers, car mounts and more. (demo)

"Polymagnet Smart Magnets challenge makers, designers and product engineers to use magnets in a whole new way," said Andy Keane, Correlated Magnetics CEO. "Differentiation among accessory manufacturers can be difficult, but with Polymagnets, each accessory can be tuned to the users' lifestyle in a way they notice and appreciate."

Polymagnet Smart Magnets facilitate the creation of innovative smartphone accessories that keep mobile of devices close at hand during the pressures of day-to-day mobility. For example, a Smart Magnet enabled case and dashboard mount together create a snap connection that positions exactly, horizontally or vertically. This allows for the display of content as it is meant to be seen each and every time, while also dismounting with a quick twist.

A variety of pre-engineered Polymagnet Smart Magnets for mobile accessories in different sizes and shapes can be ordered in both small and large quantities for rapid engineering and deployment. Choose from the following compass friendly behaviors:

  • Portrait/Landscape - Keep the mobile device precisely aligned to appropriately display text, movies or maps. (Polymagnet 1002032/10020033)
  • Twist/Release - Rather than fight with an attachment, the twist/release mount grips securely and easily releases with a twist. (Polymagnet 1002034/1002035)
  • Centering - Attach the device in exactly the right place, each and every time, with a connection that centers automatically. (Polymagnet 1002036/1002037)

For more information or to order samples, visit the Polymagnet Catalog. There an online selector tool guides in choosing the appropriate magnet for the right application based on shape, behavior and technical fit.

About Correlated Magnetics
Correlated Magnetics Research is the inventor of Polymagnet Smart Magnet technology and products for consumer and industrial applications. Using the patented Polymagnet Smart Magnet engineering process, the company provides a catalog of pre-engineered magnets that offer unprecedented functionality to permanent magnets used in consumer electronics, healthcare, industrial, automotive and other uses.

Polymagnets are available for fast prototyping through the Polymagnet Catalog and in high volume from CMR's production facility in China. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, CMR was formed in 2008 and has received more than 120 patents for its innovations in magnetic technology. Learn more at

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