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Guardian 8 Holdings

January 12, 2016 13:24 ET

Enhanced Non-Lethal Pro V2 Device Helps Deter Violence in Hospital

Incident De-escalated by Hospital Security Officers without Physical Altercation

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - January 12, 2016) - Guardian 8 Corporation, the wholly owned operating subsidiary of Guardian 8 Holdings (OTCQB: GRDH), a leading provider of Enhanced Non-Lethal (ENL) defense technologies, today announced that its Pro V2 device contributed to the successful de-escalation of a potentially violent event in the waiting area of an Intensive Care Unit at a local hospital.

The hospital's director of security was speaking with a Guardian 8 representative, who was on-site to handle a service call, about how the inclusion of the Pro V2 has changed officers' thinking about going hands-on with aggressors. As confirmation of the changes to his officers' mindset, the security director showed the Guardian 8 representative the audio and video evidence captured on the Pro V2 device. He described the situation that unfolded prior to the security officer's arrival as follows:

An intoxicated male subject was being disruptive in the waiting area outside of an intensive care unit. He was yelling at staff, making aggressive gestures, and apparently unable to be calmed by family members. When initially contacted by security, he began moving toward the officers in an aggressive manner indicating the possibility that the subject was preparing for a physical altercation.

The officer who responded to the call drew the Pro V2 device from the holster and activated it to level 1, deploying a laser targeting spotter and audio/video incident recording. After the officer announced that the subject's actions were being recorded, the subject ceased his aggressive movement toward the security officer, stopped yelling, and stood still. He continued to stare at the security officer as if sizing him up for a potential fight, but did not raise his fists, make any other aggressive movements, or even speak. The officer calmly explained to the subject that his behavior was unacceptable and that he needed to follow the officer outside so that a ride home could be arranged. The subject began to comply, slowly and non-threateningly following the security officer as he moved the subject toward an elevator. The security officer continued recording the incident using the Pro V2 until the subject walked outside of the hospital and got into a family member's car.

Following the review of the incident video, the director of security stated that this incident would have resulted in a hands-on encounter if the Pro V2 had not been on the scene. He explained that someone would have likely been hurt if the security officer had to go hands-on, but this incident was evidence that the Pro V2 helped deter that kind of encounter.

The professional security officer, armed with a Pro V2, took a situation that would have resulted in a hands-on encounter and successfully de-escalated and documented the incident while protecting himself and the facility from liability and reducing his chances of being injured on the job.

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