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March 02, 2009 09:59 ET

Enhancements to Telcordia IP Assure Address Security, Availability, Regulatory Compliance Issues on IP Networks

Designed for Diverse, Large-Scale Networks; Web-Based Hosted Service Model, Scalability and Hierarchical Tenant/User Management Ideal for Fortune 2000 Companies and Service Providers

PISCATAWAY, NJ--(Marketwire - March 2, 2009) - Telcordia (, a global leader in the development of fixed, mobile and broadband communications software and services, today announced the availability of the newest version of Telcordia® IP Assure, a flexible, automated and non-intrusive software solution that offers total IP network awareness and keeps the network safe, secure, continually available and fully compliant. The enhanced version is designed for diverse, large-scale networks with management, scalability and reporting features that make it ideal for Fortune 2000 companies and outsourcing service providers.

"As IP network managers cope with convergence and expectations of carrier-grade availability, the need for configuration management, heightened security and scalability is at an all-time high," said Adam Drobot, CTO and President of Advanced Technology Solutions, Telcordia. "Whether large organizations operate their own networks or outsource that management to a service provider, rapidly identifying where a network problem exists and preventing it from occurring drives operational efficiencies by cutting mean time to repair (MTTR) by orders of magnitude and addressing critical security needs."

The stats speak for themselves. Analyst reports show that 62 percent of IP network downtime is due to configuration errors and 65 percent of cyber attacks exploit mis-configured systems. A recently issued report by the National Security Administration entitled "The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS): Securing Cyber Space for the 44th Presidency," found that 80 percent of vulnerabilities in the Air Force's network systems were due to configuration errors.

Given that IP network equipment, policies, and conditions change every day, and that configuration errors contribute to more than 60 percent of cyber attacks and downtime, large organizations and service providers need fool-proof assurances that their networks are secure, compliant and available. IP Assure provides complete IP network awareness, significantly improving network security, availability and reliability; eliminating possible single points of failure; and reducing network configuration management costs.

Part of the Telcordia Service Assurance Suite, Telcordia IP Assure enables large organizations and service providers to react quickly to user-impacting issues with real-time and near-real-time service management monitoring and corrective actions to help them proactively improve the user experience by identifying potential service management issues as they develop. Read the latest IP Assure case study to see how an U.S. federal government agency took back control of its complex IP network at

The new version of Telcordia IP Assure includes:

--  A web-based hosted service model for management of a global, diverse
    network infrastructure
--  A highly scalable distributed architecture that handles increased
    network loads
--  Support for a wide range of new IP network devices and protocols
--  A hierarchical tenant/user model that enables the provisioning of
    network resources that support separate accounts, direct user data and
    customized functionality for each tenant
--  Advanced executive reports for historical and organizational
    performance analysis of operational efficiency and service-level

"Telcordia IP Assure addresses the need for increased security, five-nines availability, Quality of Service and regulatory compliance for real-time and mission-critical applications on today's fast-evolving IP networks," Drobot said.

For more information about Telcordia, visit For more information on Telcordia IP Assure, visit or read the latest IP Assure case study.

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