SOURCE: inMotion

March 14, 2011 05:00 ET

Enjoy Wireless Audio

MISSION, KS--(Marketwire - March 14, 2011) - (Family Features) Music lovers have many ways to enjoy their personal libraries on the go through iPods, smartphones, tablets or computers. In fact, the only thing restraining music has been wires connecting to the wall or connecting to headphones -- until now. Users are discovering that wireless technologies have advanced to the point that they are able to stream CD quality music hundreds of feet from portable devices or from computers over the airwaves. One such technology called Bluetooth is making that easier than ever.

Bluetooth is a short-range, radio-wave based technology that allows wireless audio and data transmission. Two Bluetooth-enabled devices can be paired so that, when in range of each other, they establish a communication link to send data, or in this case, music. Already in use with that hands free phone system you may own, a new wireless audio system uses Bluetooth to bring great sound anywhere in the house. This technology is beginning to be utilized by companies such as Altec Lansing and their new system, the inMotion Air.

"Users want access to their music at all times, whether it's from their computer libraries, mobile phones or portable players," said Steve Schlangen, Altec Lansing product manager. "The inMotion Air delivers freedom from the confines of wires so that the benefits of rich, crystal clear sound can be shared anywhere."

Unlike any other wireless audio system at this affordable price point, users experience distinctive sound definition and distortion free audio, even at room-filling volume levels. When connected to a computer via the included wireless adaptor, the Altec Lansing inMotion Air achieves a range of 100 yards -- the equivalent of an entire football field -- to stream playlists, internet radio or other audio content.

Users of the iPhone, iPad, Android phones and any other stereo Bluetooth enabled devices can enjoy music anywhere for up to seven hours with the included rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. As an accessory to an active social lifestyle or for your personal listening pleasure, syncing to the inMotion Air is fast and simple.

Users can access extensive audio libraries with the included remote control, with integrated support for iTunes and Windows Media Center. When connected to a Bluetooth enabled portable device, streaming and controlling content is a breeze.

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