SOURCE: Enlighted Inc.

April 24, 2013 07:00 ET

Enlighted Introduces Enlighted Room Control: A Remote for Changing Illumination Levels and Lighting in Rooms

New Product Lets Occupants or Building Owners Customize Lighting Configurations and Save Energy

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwired - Apr 24, 2013) - Enlighted Inc., a leader in solutions for improving the performance and value of commercial buildings and real estate, today unveiled the Enlighted Room Control, a lighting remote control that lets individuals change illumination levels and lighting configurations in a room or workspace with the touch of a button.

Available now, Room Control gives building occupants and facilities managers the ability to dynamically adjust lighting levels in rooms equipped with Enlighted's intelligent sensor technology to save energy, increase comfort, or tailor illumination for specific tasks.

Room Control gives occupants the ability to customize the illumination levels for a particular task or meeting and then quickly and easily return them to previous setting. Occupants can also select pre-programmed settings with Enlighted's software interface or customize their own settings with a few clicks of a mouse: lights at one end of a room, for instance, might rise while lights around the periphery dim, thereby turning the room into a studio suited for showing videos or corporate presentations.

"The lighting industry is in the first stages of a monumental technological transformation that will completely change how lighting is designed, deployed and ultimately used by consumers and businesses," said Enlighted CEO Tushar Dave. "Enlighted will help its customers save energy, but we will also provide them with technology and tools to sculpt their personal environments."

Room Control broadcasts to Enlighted-enabled light fixtures via encrypted wireless protocols and runs on a self-contained battery that will last for up to ten years. No remodeling and electrical work is required for installation. A single Room Control can manage up to 100 light fixtures.

"Room Control brings task and mood lighting to the workplace. Conference rooms have a certain look and feel: you often want lower levels of illumination. By contrast, you want plenty of light if you are selecting color schemes for an upcoming product," said Rich Green, senior vice president of products and technology at Enlighted. "Most rooms in office buildings today just have on/off switches. People have to adjust to the lighting because the lighting won't adjust to them. We're changing that."

The announcement was made at LightFair International taking place this week in Philadelphia.

Enlighted combines leading-edge sensor technology, Big Data analytics, and advanced controls to precisely manage office buildings, public spaces, industrial sites and other real estate. The heart of the company's technology is Enlighted Sensor, an unobtrusive, intelligent device that attaches to new or existing LED, fluorescent, CFL or HID light fixtures. Enlighted Sensors monitor light levels, temperature, occupancy and power consumption for the 100 square feet of floor space directly beneath each of them and then control these environmental parameters to save energy, reduce glare or harvest sunlight.

Enlighted's Energy Manager, meanwhile, analyzes data from Sensor to track consumption, check conference room availability, visualize occupancy and other tasks. Some Enlighted customers, for instance, are using Enlighted's system to redesign work areas and optimize floor space.

The company's technology has been installed to help manage more than 10 million square feet of commercial real estate. LinkedIn, Bank of New York, Google, Turner Broadcasting, JDSU, the City of San Jose, Hewlett-Packard and several Fortune 1000 companies have reduced lighting energy costs by 50 to 75 percent in buildings outfitted with Enlighted's system.

In all, Enlighted has helped customers saved more than 15 gigawatt hours of electricity since it began installing its technology into commercial buildings less than two years ago.

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Enlighted develops technologies for improving the performance and efficiency of buildings and real estate. Based on the premise that building should work for people and not the other way around, the company has created leading-edge sensors, analytics, building controls and software interfaces that reduce energy costs, increase occupant comfort and allow owners and occupants to extract more value out of floor space. Over 55 Fortune 1000 companies have reduced lighting energy costs by 50 to 75 percent for an average payback of two years with our initial application for reducing lighting. Visit for more information.

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