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July 13, 2015 13:48 ET

Ensurall Is the Only Car Warranty Company That Allows Customers to Choose Their Own Licensed Mechanic to Make Repairs

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - July 13, 2015) - Ensurall's unique claims procedure, which allows customers to choose any licenced mechanic, stands in stark contrast to the majority of the car warranty industry. Extended warranties offered at the dealership often require that warranty holders bring their car to a pre-selected mechanic or repair shop, selected by the warranty company. Any repairs not made by a pre-approved mechanic are not covered by their warranties.

As a result of this practice, most warranty companies develop close relationships with mechanics and car repair shops. This frequently leads to less than ideal repairs that save money on dealers' bottom line, but are not always in the best interest of the warranty holder.

Ensurall allows customers to select a local mechanic they trust. The sole requirement is that the mechanic must be fully licenced in their province or state.

When making a claim, warranty holders, or their mechanic, simply have to present their repair estimate to Ensurall. If the quoted repairs are reasonable, Ensurall approves the claim and pays the mechanic directly for all repairs.

In rare cases where the cost of quoted repairs seem excessive, Ensurall may request a second opinion from another mutually agreed upon licensed mechanic. If the estimates from both mechanics are comparable, Ensurall will approve the claim with whichever mechanic the customer prefers. The selected mechanic then moves forward with the repairs and is paid directly for all work. If there is a significant cost difference, Ensurall consults with the mechanics, and the warranty holder, to determine the reason for the disparity and determine the best solution.

"We're the only company in Canada, that I know of, that allows customers to decide where repairs are made," says Ronald Renwick, President of Ensurall. "We believe our customers should have the freedom to choose a local mechanic they trust, and still receive the full compensation they are entitled to in their warranty. Our customers' satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us."

Ensurall's unique claims policy is one of many steps taken to ensure the company puts customers' needs first.

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