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November 14, 2012 09:00 ET

Entelo Research Shows How Employers Can Identify Top Candidates Ready to Make a Move

Study Finds Job Seekers Identified by Entelo Sonar Are Seven Times More Likely to Be Considering a New Opportunity

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 14, 2012) -  Entelo today released a study of the power of its Sonar tool, which identifies candidates who are likely to leave their jobs and delivers their profiles to hiring employers. The release of the study follows the company's official launch last month and highlights the value of Entelo's technology in connecting recruiters with top talent.

Entelo's Sonar gives HR professionals a competitive advantage in their talent searches by connecting them to both active and passive job seekers. With its cutting-edge, patent-pending algorithm, the software analyzes more than 70 variables indicative of career change, such as layoff announcements and merger and acquisition activity, the length of time an individual has spent at their current company and social media activity. As a result, hiring managers benefit from receiving top talent right in their inbox before they even enter the job market.

Entelo's study aimed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Sonar tool in identifying candidates' likelihood of leaving their current positions. In July and August 2012, Entelo sent out email alerts for approximately 400 professionals and monitored their job activity over 90 days. At the end of that period, 24 percent had taken a new job, compared to the 3.1 percent of the general population of passive candidates who did in the same time frame.

The company estimates that professionals identified by Entelo Sonar are seven times more likely than an average job seeker to leave their existing position in the 90-day period following a Sonar alert. This degree of accuracy helps recruiting teams to be more productive, as they can quickly qualify and connect with passive candidates. Additionally, they can focus their recruiting efforts on individuals with high probability of commencing a job search, rather than blindly targeting professionals who may or may not be considering a new position. Entelo Sonar also benefits applicants themselves, as it enables them to connect with hiring managers sooner.

"Our study shows that professionals identified by Sonar are indeed more likely to leave their jobs in a 90-day period than other candidates. This gives employers a significant competitive advantage in not only finding talented individuals before they enter the job market, but also decreasing the amount of time and critical resources spent on recruiting," said Entelo co-founder Jon Bischke. "Sonar is a valuable tool for today's recruiters that enables them to connect with both passive and active job seekers and more quickly find the talent that can drive their businesses forward."

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Entelo empowers companies to find the right candidates at the right time. By analyzing over 70 variables, Entelo's patent-pending Sonar platform identifies relevant job candidates for open positions who are more likely to be open to new opportunities. With its database of over 300 million profiles, Entelo also provides a powerful search engine for talent. Entelo streamlines the recruiting process, allowing recruiters to spend more time connecting with potential candidates and delivering results. For more information including pricing, please visit