April 23, 2013 10:00 ET

Enterprise Search Software Innovator SRCH2 Launches

Sets New Playbook for e-Commerce, Big Data, and Mobile Apps as Search Becomes a Key Differentiator and Linchpin for Profits

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 23, 2013) - In an age where everyone Googles to find answers, restaurants, definitions, goods and more, the expectations for enterprise search couldn't be higher. Trouble is, enterprise search happens outside the confines of general web searches and existing search software is failing to keep up with burgeoning data and its delivery on varied mobile and social platforms.

It's a scene that is played out over and over again in the information technology field, where one set of technologies leads to great advances that inadvertently create a need for a new approach that begins with a question. In this case, the question is: How fast is your "instant" search?

Instant search is the type-forward or type-ahead search recommendation shown to you as you type. Google is the model for instant search, but try it on any other search box and the results can often be slow or imprecise.

SRCH2, a new enterprise search software provider for mobile and Big Data, has raised funding from 10 industry-savvy veterans to make instant search faster. SRCH2 is a new kind of search software, developed by Stanford Ph.D.s and Google alums. The company is poised to establish a new playbook for the C-suite and IT managers focused on data as an asset critical to their corporate success.

The most widely deployed search software today is built upon the Lucene platform. According to Dev Bhatia, SRCH2 CEO, "SRCH2 has reimagined search as a profit center and value driver. Advanced search is not a commodity, but rather, a crucial differentiator for best-in-class players. We're now rewriting the playbook for how search is done -- and it's blazing fast, tolerant of misspellings and never misses a record."

Investors in the insider round include Data Collective, Redpoint's Brad Jones, Horizen Ventures, and TenOneTen Ventures, a new Southern California venture firm created by Gil Elbaz and David Waxman, both high-profile tech entrepreneurs.

Elbaz was a co-founder of Applied Semantics, the pioneering company which was bought by an early Google and turned into Google AdSense. Waxman was a co-founder of Firefly Networks, PeoplePC and SpotRunner. "SRCH2 is among our first investments out of the new TenOneTenVentures portfolio," said David Waxman, TenOneTen's managing partner. "We see SRCH2 as a breakthrough technology -- an advanced search tool that does what other search software just can't."

"Enterprise Search is a massive market still ripe for innovation," said new SRCH2 investor Matt Ocko, co-managing partner at Data Collective. "We have been active investors in this market, and we think SRCH2 can do something that is both disruptive enough to build a large and profitable business, while still supportive of and complementary to many other members of the ecosystem."

SRCH2's team includes Dev Bhatia, CEO, and Chen Li, founder. Bhatia is an Internet and mobile startup veteran. Li is a Stanford Ph.D. and ex-Googler with years of search expertise. Li was recently awarded 10-year Best Awards by both the Association for Computing Machinery's SIGMOD (Special Interest Group on Management of Data) and DASFAA (Database Systems for Advanced Applications) for his work in search and cloud technologies. Li will receive the 2013 DASFAA Award this week in Wuhan, China.

Other prominent SRCH2 investors include Dr. Jeffrey Ullman, a world-renowned data scientist at Stanford, who has served as an advisor to several startups including Google, Manyam Mallela, first employee at Kosmix (now Walmart Labs), Clark Landry, co-founder of, David Beyer, co-founder of Chartio, Andy Rankin, angel investor, and Taher Haveliwala, co-founder of Kaltix, a personalized-search startup acquired by Google in 2003.

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About SRCH2
For data-driven sites, apps and devices in mobile, e-commerce, social, and emerging platforms who view search as a mission-critical differentiator, SRCH2 is search software reimagined. It gives them advanced search features with zero investment in development, reconfiguration, or modification, 31 times faster than what they might have otherwise. Unlike Lucene and search engines built on top of it, SRCH2 was built from the ground up to address the unmet needs of the data-driven world. SRCH2 is Search Forward. To learn more, please visit