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February 27, 2007 12:27 ET

Entropia Universe Continues to Produce Entrepreneurs and Smart Business Ventures

Virtual Online Game Offers Players Like Jason "NeoMaven" Peterson Opportunity to Pursue Profitable Enterprises

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 27, 2007 --On the heels of John "Neverdie" Jacobs' $100,000 purchase of Entropia Universe's virtual asteroid-turned-"Club NEVERDIE" only a little over a year ago, Entropia creator MindArk announced the auction of three malls in the virtual world. The total winning bids for the malls totaled an astounding $179,668 by players Onkel RobRoy Bob and Epsilon Eps Vaz. Their large investments in Entropia Universe are a result of the unique real cash economy that allows citizens to have a stake in their world. Shortly after the announcement of the mall auction winners, Onkel RobRoy Bob sold the Twin Peaks mall, for which he paid $35,000, to fellow Entropia citizen NeoMaven at an undisclosed amount.

Relatively new player 32-year-old Jason Peterson (aka "Flerin NeoMaven Flerinson") became involved with Entropia Universe in April 2006, crediting an article in Wired magazine for calling his attention to the virtual world. Since then, the self-employed entrepreneur and long-time computer game aficionado has been completely invested in Entropia Universe paralleling the MMORPG to real estate in the real world.

Before the malls were put on sale there was some speculation in the media if this would be a profitable venture for the avatars of Entropia Universe. We are happy to announce that it certainly is.

Within just two weeks of purchasing the Twin Peaks mall from Onkel RobRoy Bob, NeoMaven sold 29 of the 32 mall shops, resulting in not only a recovery of the entire mall purchase price, but a substantial profit as well. Because sales of stores within the mall are final (so the owner can do as they please with their property without having to consult the mall owner), NeoMaven was very selective about whom he sold the shops to -- even making a verbal agreement with each prospective owner that if they were to become uninterested with the store, he would buy the store back at the price they paid. Of the three stores that he kept for himself, NeoMaven is saving one for personal use, one for special events and promotions and the third is being leased on a three-month agreement housing a clothing business.

His future plans include promoting the mall on, which features a mall directory, and dedicated homepages for each shop, regularly updated by mall shop owners with details on items available for sale. NeoMaven says his biggest challenge is "changing how people think since most use the in-game shopping option instead of going to the malls where they can, in fact, get a better deal on the goods they're purchasing." He is also taking advantage of EntropiaUniverse's in-game advertising platform to gain more exposure for the Twin Peaks mall.

Players like NeoMaven demonstrate the ability for burgeoning entrepreneurs to expand their online empires within Entropia Universe. Currently, MindArk is auctioning off five banking licenses for corporations looking to become involved in the virtual world.

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