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November 23, 2010 09:05 ET

Entuity Advances Network Management for Virtualized Data Centers

Optimizing Infrastructure for Private Clouds Target of Latest Eye of the Storm Enterprise

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News Facts

  • Entuity® today announces the newest release of its award-winning network management solution, Eye of the Storm® (EYE) Enterprise 2011. This latest version continues Entuity's delivery on abstracting network intelligence for broader business benefit by providing insight to the mixed virtual/physical infrastructures being used in contemporary data centers through top-down maps and displays suitable for a variety of personnel. EYE 2011 empowers IT administrators with a proven enterprise-scalable solution to easily manage the technology mix of today's data centers while enabling the move toward private and public clouds.
  • EYE 2011 improves visibility and management of virtualized environments by adding support for popular virtualization platforms, now including VMware ESXi and Oracle VM while also extending the list of certified VM platforms for EYE's operation. EYE's automated and continual discovery locates configured VM platforms, associated hypervisors, virtual machines, and their associated virtual components such as CD ROMS, disks, controllers, and NICs.
  • The latest version of EYE introduces a 100% browser-based mapping functionality that makes visualizing even the largest, most complex, ever-changing enterprise networks simple. Accessible from anywhere on the network with only an Internet browser, EYE's new mapping functionality lets you view, save, open, modify, abstract, and share hierarchical network maps that automatically update to show current device status. EYE's new mapping functionality leverages the rich device, operational, performance, and topological details automatically captured by the EYE management engine clearly presenting it in a way that meets the contemporary requirements for a range of users in managing the data center. 
  • Introduced in a previous service pack, the Integrated Flow Analyzer (IFA) technology is rolled into EYE 2011 for general availability with new enhancements to streamline Application-to-Port mappings. EYE 2011 adds a new web UI for users to view, add, and edit the Application-to-Port mappings used by IFA simplifying the overall process while making maintenance easier, expedient, and error free. EYE 2011 offers new versatility for collecting, prioritizing, reporting, and understanding flow data to keep performance and availability of contemporary enterprise networks optimized.
  • The new Live Status functionality introduced in EYE 2011 provides focused monitoring attention through a user customizable, web-based dialog that tracks and reports current status of monitored devices, ports, or applications. Live Status displays up to ten user selected items showing the current status, the number of open events with their associated severity, and descriptive details which hyperlink for easy drill-down. EYE's root cause analysis, event filtering, and Live Status enable IT administrators to quickly identify, prioritize, and resolve service impacting anomalies. Live Status is "non-modal" allowing it to remain visible as users navigate throughout other areas of the EYE web UI.
  • The optional EYE IP SLA Module is updated in EYE 2011 with new functionality to discover and monitor existing probes -- leveraging established management best practices and eliminating disruption of production network devices. IP SLA discovery also extends support for operation types beyond those which can be created in EYE, allowing the monitoring of availability and completion time of any IP SLA operation. Automated creation of key IP SLA operation types including VoIP and UDP Jitter, Echo, HTTP, DNS, DHCP, TCP, and HTTP operations are directly supported in EYE hiding the complexity of IOS IP SLA commands and eliminating the need to access devices by the command line offing the fastest path to IP SLA monitoring.
  • Reporting capabilities in EYE 2011 enable network managers to quickly synthesize a broad range of network operational and performance data into actionable and graphically descriptive reports in formats directly compatible with business correspondence processes. Report output formats in EYE 2011 have been extended to include Office (2007) Open XML File Formats (DOCX and XLSX) as well as the OpenDocument Format (ODF and ODS) enabling the exchange of data between various applications and enterprise systems. Also available in HTML or XML format, documents output from EYE are universally accessible in web applications, corporate intranets, or as customer facing web dashboards.
  • Beginning with the 2011 release, EYE is distributed as a native 64-bit application for the Microsoft® Windows 2008 platform. With the increased bus size and the theoretical ability to address up to 16 exebytes of RAM, many EYE processes experience performance benefits.
  • EYE Enterprise 2011 will be available November 30th, and runs on Microsoft® Windows Server®, Sun™ Solaris™, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, Microsoft Hyper-V™ Server, Xen® hypervisor, and VMware® ESX/ESXi Server platforms. 

Supporting Quotes

  • Quote, attributed to Director of Network Operations at a worldwide manufacturing company
    "Our company is in the process of virtualizing our data centers. During the process of consolidating 50 physical servers down to 20, we did experience some network congestion issues that we had to work through. We've been using Eye of the Storm to manage our global network for many years because of its enterprise scalability, multi-server operation, management, and reporting, and high-availability so we are really excited about the new features in EYE 2011. In particular, the new virtual platform support and IP SLA discovery fit with our existing operational practices and will make managing our new data center infrastructure even easier."
  • Quote, attributed to Alan Dumas, Founder & President, Accunet Solutions an Entuity Reseller
    "Entuity's EYE 2011 will provide Accunet customers with innovative network management for both their physical and virtual data centers. Entuity continually adapts to how enterprises actually manage complex networks and EYE 2011 is a versatile combination of leading-edge support for virtualized data centers and smart functional enhancements for NetFlow monitoring, network mapping, select device Live Status monitoring and much more. Eye of the Storm has evolved so that enterprises of all sizes can optimize their physical /virtual infrastructure for better performance. We look forward to offering EYE 2011 to our Accunet customers -- enabling them to maximize their network and their vital applications."
  • Quote, attributed to Jim Frey, Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates
    "The life of network managers today is certainly exciting, particularly if you consider of all of the changes they are facing on a daily basis. For instance, the inexorable march towards server virtualization and cloud is continuously creating new infrastructure elements and blind spots. Network management tools must keep evolving and adding capabilities to helping operators surmount these challenges. With the EYE 2011 release, Entuity has embellished the enterprise-class nature of its solution by delivering support for new technologies, such as virtual compute environments, while also adding day-zero value through new features such as extended IP SLA and NetFlow analysis, improved reports, and a brand new fully web-based user interface."
  • Quote, attributed to Michael Jannery, president and CEO, Entuity
    "We have focused EYE Enterprise on the requirements of large, dynamic, physical and virtual networks based on the feedback of our largest and most advanced customers since virtualized data centers -- particularly those constructed to consolidate and share resources -- are typically larger and more complex, and will require enterprise capability, insight, and automation lacking in smaller scale network management offerings in the industry. It's one thing to say your solution can scale and automate; it's another thing entirely to actually do it."

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Entuity is the leader in next-generation, value-focused network management and service delivery solutions at price points to match a range of business models. The Company's line of Eye of the Storm (EYE) software automatically discovers, captures, correlates, and alerts on unrivalled network data and analytics. EYE's unique InSight Center™ Perspectives explicitly relate business value to help reduce operational and capital costs, reduce network downtime, achieve sustainability goals, commit to, deliver and prove service level commitments, ensure network configuration compliance, and optimize performance of private cloud environments.

Winner of numerous industry and business awards including the Network Products Guide 2010 Product Innovation Award for Network Management, EYE has been praised for its fast deployment, ease of use, and low cost of ownership. Entuity customers include enterprises, SIs, and MSPs such as ABB, ANZ Bank, Astra Zeneca, BMC Software, Columbia Sportswear, Dell, DIRECTV, Eircom, Grupo Modelo, Phones 4U, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Sanofi Aventis, Sony, Sunlife, Visteon, and WorldPay. For more information on Entuity, please visit or call +1.508.357.6346 (North America) or +44 (0) 20 7444 4800 (Europe).

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