Cypher Environmental Ltd.

Cypher Environmental Ltd.

March 26, 2010 16:23 ET

Environmentally Friendly Dust Control Product Introduced to California Solar Energy Facility

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA--(Marketwire - March 26, 2010) - Due to the expanding global population and the increasing demand on energy resources, new alternative energy sources are in higher demand than ever in the world's history. Solar power, which is the conversion of sunlight to electricity, is a fully renewable resource for energy production that is growing in production on an annual basis. A successful demonstration of Dust Stop was carried out at the SEGS Harper Lake solar facility, located in California's Mojave Desert, to provide dust control around the facility to keep harmful dust from blocking the sun's rays from charging the solar mirrors. It was necessary to use Dust Stop for dust control because the dust generated by the vehicles operating near the mirrors was potentially reducing the efficiency at which electricity was being produced.

Dust Stop was applied to a 300 meter stretch of road at the SEGS Harper Lake facility for the dust control demonstration in mid November, 2009. The particular section of road was chosen because of the high frequency of vehicles traveling on it, combined with its close location to the solar mirrors, which ultimately increased the road's dust control requirements due to the dust generated by the vehicles prior to the Dust Stop application. Dust Stop is a 100% environmentally friendly dust control product and is applied topically to roads to suppress dust using just one piece of equipment, a water truck. The Harper Lake demonstration represented a worst case scenario for a dust control application due to the arid conditions and sandy soil type found in the Mojave Desert. However Dust Stop works on any soil type and proved to be a very effective dust control solution even in these harsh conditions, and provided more than satisfactory dust control results for all the stakeholders of the facility.

Dust Stop is completely derived from renewable resources and is made in powder form (which provides cost-savings from not having to ship around all the water weight associated with alternative liquid dust control products), which is why the product is considered to be 100% environmentally friendly. These factors contributed to why it was such an attractive solution to the SEGS Harper Lake facility, because it fits perfectly with their outstanding environmental stewardship standards and policies. For more information on Dust Stop, please see or

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