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March 08, 2016 15:17 ET

Envision Management Launches 5th Retail Location After Record-Breaking 2015

RAPID CITY, SD--(Marketwired - Mar 8, 2016) - Envision Management Inc. not only showed incredible growth when the young company doubled in size in 2015, but has blazed its way into 2016 and shows no sign of cooling down. Last year, they were considered one of the fastest growing marketing firms in South Dakota. Not only did Envision's team bring in $2 million in revenue for their original and largest client in satellite television, but they have also grown to eight total clients since opening August 7, 2014. Launching this past week, Spearfish will be the home of their fifth retail partnership. Manager Scott Fischer, along with his core leadership team, is in the process of building a new projection list in an effort to find the next city to take over. This calendar year, Envision anticipates opening three new offices. This will not only create three additional management positions, but will build a better pipeline for current and future clients in order to reach the consumer while offering more products and services than ever before. With this growth, it is only a matter of time before Envision is setting new records across the board.

The increasing number of clients in Envision's portfolio include industry leaders in satellite television, broadband internet, cellular and the ever-growing electronic manufacturing industry. Not only can Scott's team represent and acquire new customers for his clients, but they are also trained to be Tech Experts within the largest warehouse retailer in the country. Representatives also team up with major big box retailers as Home Service Experts. Scott has pride in knowing that he isn't simply placing 'sales people' into retailers to represent his clients. His team is capable of enhancing customer experience by providing exceptional customer service and face to face interaction, as well as accurately educating the customer on the retailers' products. Properly assisting the consumer in making an educated decision on their purchase creates a valuable partnership for Envision as well as their retail clients. Scott's focal goal is to increase his clients' sales while providing their customers with the best shopping experience possible, which is a win-win!

With expansion on the horizon, Envision is in search of their next manager-trainee. Using a proven management training program, Scott has the ability to groom his next management team from the ground up in order to take on three additional locations by year end. Scott states, "As the CEO of Envision, my goal is to continue dedicating myself to my employees and be the best role model they could ever ask for. They should feel confident in knowing I will never ask them to do something I have not done or experienced myself. As long as I stay humble and true to them, they will grow and build to greater heights most individuals only dream of." As he continues, his passion shows while speaking about the future.

"The absolute best part about joining the Envision team is the fact that you are challenged to grow in a positive, goal-oriented manner rather than being looked at as a number. We have company goals custom-built around each individual's goals. It goes without mention that the team members that have the drive to better themselves by having an above average student mentality as well as an unwavering work ethic, find themselves at home within our business model. I look forward to expanding and watching another one of my trainees become a young businessman or businesswoman as they acquire the necessary skills to propel million-dollar clients to the next level."

About Envision Management, Inc.
Envision Management leads the country in outsourced marketing and sales as well as innovative marketing campaigns. The client base for Envision has expanded to representing leaders in satellite television, internet, home services and consumer electronics. With the introduction of their new marketing program in 2014, Envision has developed a major presence in some of the nation's largest chain retailers. With representatives on a local and national scale, their one-on-one approach allows them to interact with their clients' customers, versus over the phone or internet.

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