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October 09, 2008 15:10 ET

Envizions' "System of Tomorrow" Smart Console Is the First of Its Kind

The System of Tomorrow Has Finally Arrived Today!

ANNISTON, AL--(Marketwire - October 9, 2008) - Envizions announced today that the EVO Smart Console, tagged the "System of Tomorrow," will soon be open to pre-orders on all Envizions websites. The EVO Smart Console is the first open source hybrid Linux gaming system that will provide system of tomorrow applications. This release will be geared toward game developers, open source users, and earlier adopters. The mainstream release will be sometime next year.

The key features are level one super cloud computing applications, multi-desktop virtualization, gaming, place shifting/remote access, voice recognition, biometrics, DVR, internet television, HD, social networking connectivity, streaming content, downloaded content, VOD (Video on Demand), game SDK, VoIP home, Linux automatic backup storage and PC in one unit. Customers will be able to choose from several software application updates and flexible security protection check-ups. The system can come pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows for an additional price of $100.

Another unique benefit is that customers can reduce their monthly utility cost using Envizions' triple/quadruple/quintuple play services consisting of: DSL, VOD, VoIP, gaming, and Backup Storage. Price packages are not available, but will be cost effective with considerable savings in most markets. Customers will receive benefit from annual cost savings approximating to $500. Business customers will also benefit from low cost biometric and automatic/remote storage features.

The system will also allow small to triple A development teams to work in a "cloud" environment corresponding with team members from around the world. Other key benefits include: Envizions' Network distribution, monetizing and promotion. The network is designed for developers such as: music, content providers, game developers, artist, etc.

The console will be distributed with a modified Fedora OS 8 that is pre-loaded on the system. Customers have the ability to pull the new Mirrors Evolution software from Envizions "cloud" environment at their discretion. The Mirrors software will provide the "System of Tomorrow" applications. Customers will be able to purchase additional third party applications if needed. EVO leverages its cloud "network" which acts as an intranet or gateway server to Envizions' back end mainframe.

The EVO Smart console was designed to integrate Internet, software and hardware. Customers will be able to communicate, share, store, make calls, video conference, and use and develop "cloud" gaming applications from one platform. Customers can use their existing ISP wired service or purchase Envizions' DSL services if available in certain states.

"The process has been long and filled with extraordinary challenges to bring about one of the most diverse 'cloud' platform systems ever," states Derrick Samuels CEO and Founder of Envizions. "We designed and envisioned this product to make a tremendous impact in reducing monthly cost and in order to provide user friendly applications," he adds.

The impact of a system of this magnitude has set in motion two launch dates for EVO. The first hardware launch date will be November 20, 2008, consisting of hardware with chosen features. The second release date has not been scheduled; it will consist of the first software downloads from the "cloud."

The system will retail for $599 with a subsidized rebate plan that would reduce the cost to $249. Only 500 to 1,300 units will be available for US and Canada.

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Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation was incorporated on August 10, 2004, and founded by Derrick Samuels. With main headquarters located at 801-5 Noble Street in Anniston, Alabama, the company is involved in electronic devices, media and publishing. The company's most ambitious project is the highly anticipated EVO Smart Console. For more information, visit,,

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