July 19, 2011 08:00 ET

ENXSUITE Teams With UAI to Help Companies Dramatically Reduce Energy and Utiilty Costs

Businesses now have access to a complete, end-to-end energy performance management and intelligent energy procurement solution

SAN BRUNO, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - July 19, 2011) - ENXSUITE, creator of the world's first and most extensive energy performance management platform, today announced a partnership with UAI (Utilities Analyses, Inc.), a leading provider of energy supply-side services that reduce costs and utility budgets for large organizations. Through this collaboration, ENXSUITE's customers can benefit from UAI's extensive knowledge of utilities and energy markets to transform electric and natural gas spends into bottom line cost savings.

For companies with multiple, dispersed locations, managing power and energy expenditures with a variety of utilities and rates can be daunting. Services like UAI's can be key to navigating the increasingly volatile energy market, identifying possible utility pricing inconsistencies, negotiating reduced rates and obtaining refunds where appropriate.

As more organizations turn to energy and environmental management software to assist in executing sustainability programs, energy supply-side solutions like UAI's can play an integral role in helping achieve efficiency goals. The partnership between ENXSUITE and UAI will offer companies a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for intelligent energy procurement, integrated with a convenient Enterprise platform that manages the process of Energy Performance Management.

"ENXSUITE's energy management platform is a ideal complement to our energy procurement solutions, allowing our customers to act on critical insights, manage demand side programs, and benefit from real energy savings," said Kevin Shaw, President of UAI. "We are proud to partner with ENXSUITE to provide their clients with cost-saving energy procurement insight, in both regulated and deregulated energy markets."

ENXSUITE customers will benefit from UAI's extensive database of utility rate information, culled from 25 years of managing over $2 billion of energy spend for Fortune 100 companies, as well as many government, state and municipal organizations. While ENXSUITE's platform helps target reduction areas and manages demand-side energy and resource savings projects, UAI's procurement services are able to:

  • Ensure that all sites located in deregulated energy markets implement a competitive bidding process
  • Evaluate all competitive and licensed energy suppliers for aspects such as financial stability, experience, references and contract terms
  • Conduct utility tariff comparisons to determine the competitiveness of energy supplier bids
  • Facilitate energy contract negotiation with chosen supplier(s) and monitor market conditions throughout the contract term

"Through this partnership, UAI and ENXSUITE will truly provide the most comprehensive solution to our customers' need to respond to volatile and rising energy costs and uncertain regulatory environments," said Beatriz Infante, CEO of ENXSUITE. "UAI is a trusted expert in energy supply procurement, and we are pleased to work with them to jointly provide actionable, bottom-line energy savings and risk reduction for our customers."

About UAI

Since 1986, UAI has provided energy supply management services that reduce utility costs for multi-site industrial, commercial, and governmental customers. UAI's core team of unbiased utility rate analysts and deregulated energy procurement experts manage over $2 billion in annualized energy spend and are focused on lowering the cost of utilities for end-use customers. UAI's comprehensive energy cost management services include deregulated energy procurement, utility rate analysis, utility bill auditing and overall utility bill processing services that result in reduced energy costs and measurable utility savings. For more information on Utilities Analyses, Inc., visit www.utilitiesanalyses.com.


ENXSUITE provides a comprehensive, integrated, on-demand energy performance management system whose actionable intelligence helps companies analyze, model, mine and manage the performance of their enterprise-wide energy assets. Its software includes a sophisticated energy data integration and consolidation platform that provides a unified view of energy, GHG, carbon, water, waste and other resources. The ENX SaaS platform provides a rich set of business intelligence and data mining capabilities enable companies to run their energy and sustainability initiatives like a business.

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