Enza Anderson City Council Campaign 2010

January 22, 2010 09:00 ET

Enza Anderson Chides Media for Giddy Attention Span

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 22, 2010) - "You can be forgiven for being overcome with excitement," says Enza Anderson, who formally registered as a candidate for Councilor, Ward 27 on Jan 20.

Anderson, 45, a journalist, showed her trademark graciousness in speculating on what she calls the media's "lapse of memory re my original campaign release." [See backgrounder, January 19th 2010 Release]

Anderson referred to two issues:
  One is the incorrect use of her former pseudonym "Supermodel";
  The other is her physiology.

She clarified that "'Supermodel' has never appeared in any media releases and has been discontinued in all circumstances. And physiology is only accepted for discussion if it's consistently discussed with all candidates and made relevant by common sense."

Anderson became very specific with her media colleagues as to what her boundaries are: "I have resigned from fluff-piece duty, which served us well when I was not yet simply another Canadian citizen with a career goal. Only by chuckling at me with my permission for a full decade, have you finally accepted my simple citizenship among you. Think about it-- and allow us all to move on, as befits a city the world believes is worth calling home."

Anderson closed on a playful note, saying, "I'm sure many are curious as to how you're going to go on to question the other candidates on the configuration of their genitalia. Either you follow this fascinating precedent—which should gain us worldwide interest—or you abandon it gracefully and continue to report on civic politics."

January 19, 2010
Enza Anderson to file nomination papers for City Councilor Ward 27

Toronto--On Wednesday January 20 at 10 a.m., journalist and political activist Enza Anderson will file nomination papers for her bid to become Councilor for Ward 27. Anderson, 45, says that her trip to Toronto City Hall's first floor Elections Office will be a deeply gratifying moment in her career.

Many will recall Anderson's bid for Mayor of Toronto in 2000—when she placed third—as well as her attempt to be placed on the leadership ticket for the former Canadian Alliance Party in 2002.

Anderson says she intends to represent everyone, including those who feel excluded from the decisions that affect Ward 27: "I'll be expressing my appreciation for my wonderful hometown by working to help any of my neighbors who need a stronger voice."

As to her status as a trans-gendered woman, Anderson says, "I expect this be treated as just another statistic that doesn't normally enter a political discussion, any more than noting a candidate's weight or other physical features." While Anderson has championed the causes of diversity and tolerance, her run for council will champion the needs of all in her ward.

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