eol, Inc.

May 22, 2007 09:20 ET

eol, Inc., World's Top Provider of Japanese Corporate Financial Information, to Show Off English System at SLA

TOKYO--(Collegiate Presswire - May 22, 2007) - eol, Inc., a major Tokyo-based supplier of authoritative corporate financial information to businesses, libraries, research institutes and other organizations worldwide, will exhibit in booth #1130 at the SLA 2007 Annual Conference in Denver, CO beginning June 3rd.

eol will be demonstrating the English-language version of its massive database, which contains exhaustive financial and non-financial information on every publicly traded company in Japan and approximately 1,000 private companies as well.

The Special Libraries Association (SLA) is an international organization with members in more than 80 countries. The organization's annual conference brings together library professionals from both business and academia, as well as researchers, university faculty, financial analysts, students, and other users from a wide variety of fields.

eol will be introducing its market-leading Web-based retrieval system, "eol ESPer." In particular, the company will be demonstrating the power of its database by providing accurate, timely information on Japanese companies currently operating in or about to set up operations in the U.S. Interested individuals can ask for searches on any Japanese company of any significance to test the system's speed, comprehensiveness, and ease of use.


Many databases, including some in the US, now cover Japanese corporate data to some extent. However, eol's database of both listed and large unlisted companies is the No. 1 product in Japan, and with the recent addition of English-language operability, will soon become the leading product in this field worldwide.

eol ESPer has built a reputation for 3 key characteristics:

1) up-to-the-minute information

2) exhaustive, authoritative data on every company covered

3) access to extremely rare, difficult to obtain, or otherwise unobtainable information

These three points are the most crucial factors for anyone doing research on or analysis of Japanese companies, and they are what sets eol ESPer apart from all its rivals. The eol database is now being widely used not only by Japanese financial institutions, universities and research institutes, but also by foreign investment and research organizations that demand detailed, accurate and speedy information.

About SLA 2007 Annual Conference

Dates: June 3-5

Place: Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO

eol's Booth: No. 1130

Sponsor: Special Libraries Association

URL: www.sla.org

About eol ESPer

Type: Internet-based information service

Contents: Contains all official corporate financial filings for listed firms since 1984, earnings reports, special announcements, stock information, basic company information, all relevant financial data, etc.

Explanation: www.eol.co.jp/e/service

About eol, Inc.

Established: 2001

Major Shareholder: PRONEXUS, Inc. (TSE code 7893)

Head Office: Atago East Building 13F, Nishi-Shinbashi 3-16-11

Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0003

Employees (full-time): 20

Tel: +81-3-5776-1101

Fax: +81-3-5776-1104

URL: www.eol.co.jp/e/

President: Takeshi Ueno

Director (in charge of for overseas development): Katsumasa Suzuki

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