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EON Reality, Inc

November 10, 2014 17:04 ET

EON Reality's Chairman Announces the KnowledgeBit™ Initiative at UNIDO ISID Forum Nov. 4-5 to Promote Global Learning and Skills Training

The KnowledgeBit Initiative Pegs the Cost of Virtual Reality Learning Modules to the Local Price of a Soft Drink to Make VR/AR Knowledge Transfer Affordable Globally

VIENNA, AUSTRIA--(Marketwired - Nov 10, 2014) - EON Reality Inc., the world leader in Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer for industry, education, and edutainment, unveiled the KnowledgeBit Initiative as part of the EON Learn for Life program at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID) Forum on November 4th in Vienna, Austria. The KnowledgeBit Initiative pegs the price of Virtual Reality learning modules to the local price of a soft drink enabling millions of global users to affordably access EON Reality's EON Experience Portal, the world's largest library for Virtual Reality knowledge transfer. See Dan Lejerskar, Chairman of EON Reality, Announces KnowledgeBit Initiative At UNIDO ISID Forum video and the CNN Moderator Comments On Dan Lejerskar's Announcement video.

The KnowledgeBit Initiative is based around the world's first Virtual Reality knowledge currency, the KnowledgeBit. By pegging the KnowledgeBit to the price of a softdrink, a person in Ethiopia can access a carpentry application for twenty seven cents (USD) where as a person in the United States would pay one dollar. This will empower less developed nations to affordably train their citizens as to develop a homegrown industrial base or to attract foreign investment.

"In pricing Virtual Reality knowledge units on a global sliding scale, we are looking to take this transformative technology to places that need it most," said Dan Lejerskar, Chairman of EON Reality. "There are millions of potential technicians, medical professionals, and engineers out there; they just need access to the right learning tools. This process, I feel, will truly show how powerful Virtual Reality is and its effects will reshape our world."

The KnowledgeBit will not only help individuals across the world secure affordable Augmented or Virtual Reality knowledge transfer, but to facilitate the creation of new learning units and training modules. A KnowledgeBit buys one full VR/AR knowledge application which corresponds to one learning lab or environment, such as a chemistry lab or anatomy lesson. Initially, this program will only be available on a large scale to countries, regional governments, and organizations who will then pass KnowledgeBits on to people who need them.

"The EON Learn for Life program was established to help bring the power of Augmented and Virtual Reality based learning to those that need it most," said Dan Lejerskar. "KnowledgeBits help us do that by commoditizing knowledge and giving people around the world the chance to affordably participate in the global economy. Virtual Reality's ability to speed knowledge transfer by up to twelve times is a huge boon for regions that desperately need additional skilled labor."

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