September 16, 2016 13:15 ET

EoScene, Technology Experts Helping to Make Healthcare Safer, Announce AssureTemp™ 4.0, New and Improved Temperature Management for Hospitals, Pharmacies and Clinics

Healthcare Organizations Such as Bend Memorial Clinic Are Provided Peace of Mind Their Critical Vaccine Inventories Are Maintained at Proper Temperatures Around the Clock

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Sep 16, 2016) - EoScene, a suite of compliance management software tools to help make healthcare safer, today announced the availability of AssureTemp 4.0, a web-based application featuring 24/7 temperature data collection, multi-level notification, and extensive audit documentation. Designed especially for managing high value and heavily regulated inventories such as vaccines and clinical research drugs, AssureTemp generates automatic alerts when immediate attention is required for missed tasks or when temperature thresholds are exceeded. Equally important, the app delivers the ability to produce the required regulatory and audit documentation within seconds, enabling timely evaluation of the safety of drugs.

One of the biggest temperature management challenges facing hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics are the manual staff activities required to respond to excursion events (temperatures out of tolerance). Even though an automated temperature monitoring system may be in place, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), local Health Departments, and many drug sponsors still recommend or require that manual temperature checks be completed to ensure the automated systems validity as well as the analysis and documentation of excursion events. State vaccine providers and research sponsors can be particularly concerned over manual temperature logs and excursion documentation. AssureTemp not only ensures proper monitoring but also makes it easy to analyze and document any excursions before becoming a problem.

Providing vaccinations to children, in partnership with Vaccines for Children, and the elderly through the Oregon Immunization Program, are services provided by Bend Memorial Clinics (BMC). Nate Starr, facilities director at BMC, uses the reporting features within AssureTemp to meet reporting requirements. "With AssureTemp, we can go back to the exact moment of temperature spike and show our notes regarding the incident." These reports show the temperature deviation, its length, and what was done to fix it. Nate says he's ready at any time for a random audit. "We have all the weekly reports showing that we never allowed an incursion to threaten our vaccines."

It's not uncommon for a hospital to have refrigerator's stocked with expensive inventories such as research or chemotherapy drugs, vaccines, blood or tissue, often worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and vital to delivering safe patient outcomes. It's clearly critical to monitor temperatures on a 24/7 basis. AssureTemp customers are able to provide clinical sponsors the timely documentation they need to make decisions about the validity of the drug. They can see everything throughout the day, including where it was in the appropriate range and where it had an excursion. Not only can they see where there was an excursion but they can see for low long, and how far out of range it was.

AssureTemp is a key application of EoScene's cloud-based eCMS™ enterprise solution, providing the next-level of automation to the assessment, management and standardization of environment-of-care, safety and quality administration. eCMS allows healthcare organizations to set an ultimate goal of eliminating the tedious manual processes inhibiting a patient's successful outcome and experience.

AssureTemp features:

  • Easy to deploy cloud based solution with minimal impact to Facilities and IT organizations
  • Integrates manual and automated temperature management into a single application
  • Assure proper documentation of temperature history and excursion remediation activities
  • Multivendor monitoring hardware support enables the most cost effective configurations
  • NIST and ISO/IEC 17025 calibration certification, validated and 21CFR-Part 11 compliant

"EoScene is proud to partner with leading healthcare organizations such as Bend Memorial Clinic, to deliver temperature management solutions that meet stringent regulatory reporting requirements, reduce delivery cost and accelerate the evaluation of time critical inventories such as vaccines and research drugs," said Geof Griebel, EoScene President & CEO. "Delivering innovative solutions, such as AssureTemp 4.0 supports our mission to make healthcare safer."

Hospital administrators, compliance officers, the Environment of Care team leaders, facilities managers, safety directors and heads of clinical engineering are deploying the EoScene eCMS platform to solve unique challenges to manage their environment of care. EoScene provides enterprise compliance management solutions to leading health care providers across the U.S., including MultiCare Health System, Summa Health System, Greenville Health System, Wellstar Health System and Tenet Health.

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