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December 21, 2010 11:20 ET

EP Enterprises' New Weight-Loss Product Succeeds Where Diet and Exercise Fail

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - December 21, 2010) - It seems we're past the question, How can I lose weight? EP Enterprises is an online resource company that delivers up-to-date information with the intent of changing people's lives through our products and services.

With plenty of internet space taken up with hype from online marketers whose products guarantee everything from losing 10 pounds within the next three minutes, to homemade liposuction, there is one key fact that most "Health Gurus" leave out and one vital part to losing weight, slimming down, and how to lose weight fast, which without it makes it almost impossible to lose weight fast or get to that perfect size you've always wanted. So what's the big secret?

The big secret health gurus as well as fast weight loss diets neglect to include in their diagnosis is that your body has a memory of itself. And because it has memory, if nothing is done to offset this one little trigger all the diets and all the exercise will have little to no impact on weight or change in waist size.

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That's correct. The simple fact that the human body literally remembers what it looks like and will continue to look that way unless it is tricked it into thinking that it is smaller than it really is. All the rigorous diets and exercise programs can critically hinder weight loss success.

This plays into a factor of cases in which people that are engaging in strict diet plans or taking weight loss supplements and seeing little to no results. The body has in a sense "learned" to be the way it is. So much in fact that it is 95% more likely to stay exactly the way it is than to change, despite how much exercise or dieting you may endure, if your body is not "helped" about its memory of itself, or tricked (or rather) train your body into thinking that it's smaller than it really is, progress to weight loss and size can be slow and difficult.

Underestimating the power of a person's body memory can be detrimental to their weight loss success, but changing your body's memory and tricking it into thinking that it's smaller than it really is, can speed up the weight loss process and help achieve desired results more easily.

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