ePACT Network Ltd.

ePACT Network Ltd.

October 09, 2014 14:31 ET

ePACT Network Revolutionizing Emergency Preparedness for Families

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Oct. 9, 2014) - ePACT Network is leveraging similar technologies and personal behaviours used on social networks, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to revolutionize the way families prepare for emergencies. Acting as the single emergency record and support network for families, ePACT provides a central hub to securely store information and communicate with loved ones in the event of a crisis.

Every year, North American families complete over 900,000,000 paper emergency forms (six to ten forms per child) for kids in schools, sports and community centers. These forms provide critical information on allergies, medications or injuries, and require contact details for parents, nannies and grandparents. Not only are these forms dreaded and overwhelming for parents, but organizations have difficulty managing and accessing these crucial documents.

As the Great Shakeout approaches, those in areas prone to earthquakes and natural disasters are reminded of the importance of preparedness. Recognizing this, ePACT announces the launch of new system features to support families in better preparing, connecting and protecting their loved ones.

New System Features

With ePACT, parents will never have to handwrite a paper emergency form again. They simply enter their details once, and their information is securely shared with connected sports teams, daycares, camps or schools through ePACT. For organizations not on the system, parents can also print a customized form from their ePACT account, ensuring details are complete, up to date and legible.

"The safety of our players is our first priority, and with ePACT, we are kept up to date on their health records and are better connected to their personal support networks of family and friends" says Nanaimo Minor Hockey Risk Manager, Mike Sexton. "ePACT has exceeded our expectations and I'm confident in our level of preparedness with the system."

Families can also now download the free ePACT App providing mobile access to their information anytime, anywhere - even without Internet or cellular service. This means parents are no longer searching for care cards, immunization records or prescription information. Instead, it is all stored in a central place for the entire family and is right at their fingertips on their phone, tablet or computer.

"I had to rush my son to the Emergency Room one night and completely forgot the documents that contain his medical information", says parent and ePACT user, Lisa Whitaker. "On arrival, they asked for his health card number and past vaccinations. Thankfully, everything was already saved on my ePACT App. It was a life saver."

Equally as important in an emergency, families can now use ePACT to quickly communicate across their support network. Whether confirming family members are safe after a disaster, requesting help from others, or simply coordinating a late pick up from soccer - communications via email, text and App ensure that no matter the crisis, messages get through.

Developed with the safety of families in mind, ePACT is revolutionizing the way North America prepares for emergencies. This online network provides two-way connectivity in the event of a crisis, privacy and security of personal records, a streamlined approach to sharing vital contact and medical information, and a solution to overlooked gaps in emergency management.

To register your family or organization with ePACT, download the mobile app, or learn more about the system, visit: www.epactnetwork.com.

About ePACT Network Ltd.: ePACT is changing the way the world prepares for life's emergencies. As your emergency network, ePACT better connects and protects your family, organization and community through any crisis. ePACT Network Ltd. is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company was founded by Christine Sommers and Kirsten Koppang Telford in 2012 after speaking with survivors of the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami. The ePACT team is made up of emergency management specialists and web technology experts, committed to helping North American communities better manage any crisis.

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