September 27, 2011 15:15 ET

ePals Introduces LearningSpace 2.0: A Social Learning Platform Bringing Safe Social Networking and Online Collaboration to K-12 Educators and Students

Flexible Platform Can Easily Expand to Add New Applications for Peer Learning

HERNDON, VA--(Marketwire - Sep 27, 2011) - ePals Corporation (TSX-V: SLN) ("ePals"), an education technology company and leading safe social learning network ("SLN"), today announced the launch of LearningSpace 2.0, the next generation of its social learning platform. ePals' LearningSpace 2.0 combines the best features of consumer collaboration and social networking platforms -- such as Google +, Facebook, and Twitter -- with SchoolSafe™ technology-enabled safety and privacy controls to manage online social interaction. In addition, LearningSpace 2.0 contains substantial enhancements that optimize the platform for educator-mediated and peer-based learning, not merely social interaction. LearningSpace 2.0 lets schools and districts create online learning communities of any size -- within a classroom, across a district or across a network of classrooms worldwide.

Customization of Learning Communities Through Educator Controls and Easy Scalability
ePals' patent-pending technology empowers administrators and teachers with a host of customization options for creating appropriate degrees of "open" or "closed" learning communities, depending on the participant's role. For example, administrators can set different communications permissions for teachers and parents, or for students at varying grade levels. The new version of LearningSpace 2.0 ships with an extensive suite of enhanced collaboration tools and apps, and incorporates a framework for adding new applications for peer learning as they become available, optimizing extensibility as customer needs evolve.

"ePals worked closely with existing customers to ensure the new platform would meet the needs of any school or district," said Andrew Berman, Executive Vice President and General Manager of ePals. "LearningSpace 2.0 gives teachers a richer selection of collaborative tools to use for project-based learning, both for classroom instruction and social learning among students in their homes. It also offers administrators a more flexible online platform that can be easily modified and expanded as models for teaching and learning incorporating technology evolve."

Global Classroom Connections
LearningSpace 2.0 also enables connections with other classrooms around the world via integration with the ePals Global Community™ ( Connecting approximately 700,000 classrooms in 200 countries, the ePals Global Community is a leading K-12 social learning network where students and educators can find educational resources and safely connect for collaborative projects.

"ePals' core mission is to connect learners, not just within a single school environment but across schools worldwide. Education is a social process, and our products facilitate students, teachers, parents, administrators and other stakeholders learning with and from each other," stated Ed Fish, President of ePals Corporation. "With our new platform, we are providing a resource that helps students produce Common Core-aligned work, particularly in the areas of reading and writing literacy. As schools increasingly implement blended learning programs and extended learning opportunities through technology-driven home instruction, the promise of secure online global communication and collaboration can be fully realized by LearningSpace 2.0."

Broad Range of Social Learning Capabilities
In this release, LearningSpace ships with more than 40 customizable apps for communication, collaboration, moderation and site formatting, which gives district administrators and educators the ability to modify the platform to suit their needs -- including combining apps to create both private and public-facing school pages. Other collaborative features include enhanced grouping functions for classes, organizations and team projects; integrated assignment and project support; multi-level blogs, wikis, forums, and media galleries; and dynamic events and calendars. At ePals, app creation is ongoing, with more currently in development. The LearningSpace 2.0 framework allows for rapid deployment of new learning apps and features. For more information on ePals' LearningSpace, visit

More About LearningSpace 2.0

  • Enhanced Groups - Streamlined ability for educators to create, organize and navigate hierarchies of safe, Web 2.0-enabled groups for classes, projects, collections, school clubs, special interest groups and local and global collaborations;
  • Advanced Web 2.0 Tools - Ability to add and remove multiple Web 2.0 features such as blogs, media galleries, wikis and forums within each group for multi-model teaching and learning;
  • Assignments and Project Support - Assignment and homework dropbox features for teachers to easily manage, assign and send updates about school work;
  • Dynamic Calendars and Events - Event management tools and dynamically populated calendars for students, parents and educators to track events, due dates and deadlines across the groups and classes relevant to them;
  • School and District Websites - Ability to create externally facing school-branded pages from easy-to-use templates to manage public communications.

About ePals Corporation
ePals Corporation (TSX-V: SLN) is an education technology company and the leading provider of safe social learning networks (SLN). Focused on the K-12 market, ePals offers elementary and secondary school administrators teachers, students and parents worldwide a safe and secure platform for building educational communities, providing quality digital content and facilitating collaboration for effective 21st century learning. ePals' award-winning products include: the ePals Global Community™; SchoolMail®365; LearningSpace®; and In2Books®, a common core eMentoring program that builds reading, writing and critical thinking skills. ePals customers and partners include International Baccalaureate, Microsoft Corporation, Dell Inc., IBM Corp., National Geographic and leading school districts across the United States and globally. ePals serves approximately 700,000 educators and reaches millions of teachers, students and parents in approximately 200 countries and territories. For the ePals Global Community, visit Corporate information is available at

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