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February 17, 2011 08:01 ET

Ephox Brings Accessibility Compliance to TinyMCE

Code Contributed to Leading Open Source Online Text Editor Improves Accessibility

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - February 17, 2011) - Ephox Corporation, a leading provider of software for optimizing web content production, today announced it has developed and contributed new code and functionality to the TinyMCE open source project. The changes to TinyMCE enable it to meet the W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative's Candidate Recommendation guidelines for Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) version 1.0, thereby enabling it to be used in web applications that have strict accessibility requirements. This contribution further demonstrates Ephox's commitment to the popular open source project. 

Used by millions of people worldwide, TinyMCE is currently embedded in thousands of web applications. Applications that embed TinyMCE range from consumer publishing tools such as Wordpress and Facebook to more business-oriented applications such as Microsoft's MSDN, Oracle's Beehive and Jive Software's Engage Platform. Previously, its advanced functionality had not been available to users with some disabilities, particularly those who use screen readers or who cannot use a mouse.

Throughout the world, laws and policies have been adopted by governments to ensure their web sites are accessible by all users. Lack of accessibility features can present significant problems for software vendors. Section 508 amendment to the U.S. Workplace Rehabilitation Act requires that information technology that is developed by or purchased by Federal Agencies be accessible by people with disabilities. Commercial companies also can be impacted dramatically: for example, in 2008, Target, Inc. settled a class action law suit regarding the accessibility of its web sites.

The WAI-ARIA guidelines are designed to make web applications more accessible by defining new ways for functionality to be provided to assistive technology. Through new support for the W3C's WAI-ARIA, TinyMCE users now will be able to navigate the user interface with the keyboard, and screen readers will be able to detect ARIA states on the more complex user interface controls.

Additional functionality includes high contrast support, or fluoro colored UI, which is used in reaction to the underlying OS being placed in high contrast mode. Also, developers can include a dialog mode for default preferences, which respects the color settings of the user and better meets the needs of people with cognitive disabilities. The new accessibility features have been included in Version 3.4 Beta 3, which is currently available for download.

"TinyMCE is a great example of how today's web-based applications are becoming increasingly advanced and dynamic. Unfortunately, many users with disabilities are unable to take advantage of all the interaction the web can provide," said Andrew Roberts, CEO of Ephox. "This can be an issue for software vendors who are required to make their applications accessible under laws in the U.S. and elsewhere. Through this new enhancement for TinyMCE, we are helping developers to make their applications comply with government standards and be accessible to the many millions of users with disabilities."

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TinyMCE is an open source, WYSIWYG editor based in JavaScript and used by millions to author content for web pages, blogs, emails, wikis and more. Popular for its full set of rich text editing features, TinyMCE has been downloaded more than three million times, is used by over 22 million Wordpress publishers, and is trusted by a large community of users. In addition, TinyMCE is used by leading organizations such as EPiServer, Interwoven, Oracle, Wordpress and Facebook.

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