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September 23, 2015 10:00 ET

EPIC, the Dividend Company, Announces Board Approval for Regulation D, Rule 506(c) Offering to Fund RX Healthcare

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - September 23, 2015) - EPIC Corporation (OTC PINK: EPOR) ("EPIC") and Ronald S. Tucker announced that, "EPIC's Board of Directors has authorized an offering under Regulation D, Rule 506(c) to raise $2,000,000 in a series of five year promissory notes to accredited investors. The minimum investment by an accredited investor is $25,000. Each note will have an interest rate of 10% per annum with interest to be paid annually in cash or, in EPIC’s discretion, EPIC's common stock. The holder of each note will have an option to use all or part of the note to purchase EPIC’s common stock at a price of $0.50 per share. The number of shares subject to an option is based on 2 shares for $1 loaned. If and when the full $2,000,000 in notes are used to exercise the options, the holders would own 4,000,000 shares of EPIC common stock; this is currently 36.5% of the issued and outstanding common stock."

EPIC, The Dividend Company, has completed its capital restructuring which reduced its issued and outstanding shares of common stock to 6,952,163 shares and its float to 703,891 shares. EPIC's management believes that these reductions will result in an increase in the market value of its common stock and enable it to raise equity capital.

EPIC plans to use the first $300,000 raised to move the Company to the OTCQB Tier 2 quotation service, a limited amount of funds to be retained by EPIC for working capital, and at least $200,000 used to provide operating funds for its client subsidiary RX Healthcare Systems, Ltd. (RX Healthcare), a majority owned subsidiary and a development stage company. The additional $1,700,000 as raised will be used to acquire technology, acquire startup, development stage, and emerging growth companies, and to provide funding for the operations of the acquired companies and additional subsidiaries.

RX Healthcare’s business since 2011 has been to market and to sell directly and indirectly products made with EPIC’s proprietary design patented AcuFAB® spacer fabric. RX Healthcare's management, unlike an independent Client, had no knowledge of the market segments in which to sell the AcuFAB® products nor did they have connections in those markets. Therefore, the management of EPIC and RX Healthcare have been learning what products can be made from AcuFAB®, the market segments where those products can be sold, how to market the products, how to develop contacts to distribute and to sell the products, and how to otherwise market and to sell the products.

RX Healthcare is "The AcuFAB® Company." It has developed a market and sales strategy to generate revenues and profits. EPIC plans to provide RX Healthcare with capital funding to institute its strategic plan due to its limited funds. However, RX Healthcare's will be responsible for its future funding.

EPIC's business is acquiring technology and equity interests in start-up, development stage, and emerging growth companies. EPIC incorporates acquired technology into acquired and subsidiary companies ("Clients") to development them into nano-cap companies through business, corporate and financial development services. EPIC's services include the development of a Qualified Limited Offering to accredited investors and affiliates under Regulation A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. The Qualified Limited Offering provides an opportunity for the Client to raise capital and to become a publicly-traded private company. EPIC's services are provided both before and after the Client becomes a publicly traded company.

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EPIC "The Dividend Company" is an "Outside-The-Box" private company whose common stock is quoted on OTCMarkets OTCPink Tier 3. What other nano-cap company has paid stock dividends in its own and other companies common stock, created a preferred stock that pays quarterly dividends in its own common stock, makes voluntary exchange offers to its market investors of common stock for preferred stock, generates revenues and gains from private companies that are developed into public companies, declares special dividends in free trading securities of other "Outside-The-Box" private public companies, and provides both real and market opportunities for a ROI?

EPIC's management believes its investors are the source of wealth. Any OTCPink, Penny Stock, or Blue Chip investor should receive a real ROI without liquidating their investment to realize a market ROI. The Company offers both a high yield real ROI through its preferred stock's quarterly dividend, and ROI through dividends of its own common stock and special dividends of free trading Client's common stock, and a market ROI through the appreciation in value of its common and preferred stock.

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