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February 10, 2014 09:00 ET

EPIC and RX Healthcare Are Real Businesses, and EPIC'S AcuFAB® and Products Made From It Are Real

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Feb 10, 2014) - EPIC Corporation (PINKSHEETS: EPOR) ("EPIC"), and Ronald S. Tucker, EPIC's president, announced "EPIC and its majority owned subsidiary RX Healthcare Systems, Ltd., are in fact real businesses, and EPIC's proprietary industrial and medical textile AcuFAB®, an acupressure spacer fabric and the products from it for worldwide consumer and healthcare market segments are facts. AcuFAB® provides EPIC with a tangible asset in the equity value of RX Healthcare and RX Healthcare with significant intrinsic value because the fabric does what it is designed to do -- provide greater ventilation and circulation when you need it."

Warren Buffett's and Charlie Munger's advise in making an investment is to "look at the business first not the price, focus on what is not when, determine value then look to price, have the mindset of buying the whole business."

Mr. Tucker Stated:

EPIC is not a typical non-reporting pink sheet company. Both it and RX Healthcare are real businesses with real products that do what the products are supposed to do. For testimonials by consumers and healthcare professionals please visit

EPIC's goal in 2014 is the same as it was in 2013. The goal is to define the type of company EPIC is, to monetize its intrinsic value, to clearly set forth its value and show it is not your ordinary penny stock company.

EPIC Corporation is a financial services company which provides healthcare companies with corporate, business and financial development services. RX Healthcare markets and distributes healthcare and consumer products made from AcuFAB®.

EPIC seeks long term investors by demonstrating that it is shareholder oriented, that it defines revenue as return on capital and revenue growth is capital growth. It is not a development stage company, but it is a business that builds development stage healthcare companies through corporate, business and financial services. For approximately 10 years EPIC has sought capital growth through developing strategic relationships with independent third party companies, but none of the companies presented met EPIC's standards for revenue growth. More than five years ago EPIC acquired a majority interest in RX Healthcare Systems, Inc., and, in the last quarter of 2010, EPIC acquired rights to a proprietary industrial and medical textile with a registered trade name of AcuFAB.

EPIC, in 2013, monetized part of its intrinsic value in AcuFAB by exchanging its rights in AcuFAB in a tax free exchange with a non-affiliate European company which issued EPIC 1,500,000 shares of its common stock a 27.27% interest in that company. The European company then licensed the marketing and distribution rights to North, Central, and South America to RX Healthcare for 3,000,000 euros, for which RX Health care issued the European Company 3,900,000 shares of its $1 face value Series A 5% Convertible Preferred Stock.

EPIC, before September 30, 2013, had reported RX Healthcare on a consolidated basis, but in the future it will be reported on an equity basis. As a result in Q1 ending December 31, 2013, it will have Net income of approximately $2.3 million from unrealized gain in the equity of RX Healthcare.

EPIC's management, before the end of Q3, June 30, 2014, anticipates the registration of a design patent for AcuFAB® as an industrial and medical textile and the engagement of a major US distributor for the distributions of AcuFAB® products.

AcuFAB® enables EPIC through RX Healthcare to produce a variety of products that can be sold in major market segments of medical and consumer markets. It is EPIC's objective to realize additional capital growth through the future revenue growth of RX Healthcare and other companies. EPIC will receive cash flow by suppling AcuFAB® to RX Healthcare and other companies.

AcuFAB® provides EPIC and RX Healthcare a unique business model. Unique because neither is required to incur capital costs for equipment or machinery and no factory overhead; there is a single base fabric, used in multiple products, which is produced by a textile mill capable of producing any quantity of the fabric at a fixed cost; the production of the products made from the fabric are at a fixed cost from a contract sewer capable of producing any quantity of products; and there is minimal cost in product development.

The only capital requirement is for RX Healthcare to pay for marketing and advertising costs. EPIC is able to supply fabric from inventory necessary to produce products for initial sales which will generate the funds necessary for subsequent material purchases.

Porter Stansberry wrote, "[When] a business reaches a certain level of capital efficiency, the shares will soar over the long run… The incredible thing is… no matter how big or small the company is -- its shares almost always soar over the long term."

EPIC management believes EPIC's stock is undervalued and is positioned to soar.

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