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January 18, 2017 05:00 ET

EPIC the Dividend and Outside the Box Company Presents the TRANSFORMED EPIC

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - January 18, 2017) - EPIC Corporation (OTC PINK: EPOR) ("EPIC"), and Ronald S. Tucker announced "EPIC the Dividend and Outside the Box Company is now the TRANSFORMED EPIC."

EPIC is a Special Purpose Vehicle ("SPV") and is transformed from a product and product services business to an EPIC Process business.

EPIC Process

The EPIC Process provides cost effective, value-added turn-key solutions, to under capitalized small companies. The turn-key solutions include exempted transactions from registration of short and long term integrated private and public solicitations of capital that provide a builtin exit strategy.

The EPIC Process enables a qualified private company ("QPC") through a qualified private placement ("QPP") or a qualified merger ("QM") to raise capital at a low cost, in the short and long term, while establishing a built in exit strategy. The exit strategy, at an appropriate time, enables it to become a development stage public company ("DSPC"). The DSPC by becoming a publicly traded company will have a higher intrinsic value then remaining private and provide a basis for raising additional capital at a lower cost.

The QPC, as a DSPC (a publicly traded company), can continue to operate as a private company and is not subject to the limitations and restrictions imposed by the Securities Act of 1933 or the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

EPIC Revenues

The EPIC Process generates revenues from one or more the following:

  • Tax free exchanges of free trading securities of subsidiaries or affiliated companies for restricted securities of independent start-up or development stage companies, with an option to repurchase the free trading securities;
  • The sale of free trading shares of subsidiary or affiliated companies to QPC's for a two to five year promissory note, payable on demand in cash or in Qualified Securities, which include free trading shares of common stock plus one or more series of free trading warrants to purchase free trading common stock; and/or
  • Fees earned from the EPIC Process are paid in restricted stock and cash or its Qualified Securities which include free trading shares of common stock plus one or more series of free trading warrants to purchase free trading common stock.

EPIC Revenue Growth

EPIC realizes revenue growth from the appreciation of acquired Qualified securities and gains from the sale of equitable interests in affiliates, QPCs and/or DSPCs.

EPIC Projections

The following projections are for a five year period that started as of January 1, 2017. The projections are based on a primary assumption of one QPC transaction per quarter for the five years, and there are may detailed assumptions in another document. The summary represents 1/2 of the annual totals calculated in the detailed assumptions.

   2017  2018  2019  2020  2021
Net Operating Profit*  1,458,000  1,452,000  1,440,000  1,428,000  1,416,000
Gains from Sales of Shares**  0  0  562,500  1,468,750  2,431,250
 Net Profit  1,458,000  1,452,000  2,002,500  2,896,750  3,847,250
* Net Operating Profits are non-cash transactions.
** Gains from Sales Shares are in cash.

The Summary of Projections above are based on the assumptions set forth in another document. There is no assurance that EPIC will be able to contract with QPC on the prediction of one per quarter for a period of five years, or that the QPC Will agree to provide EPIC with its restricted common stock in the amount projected, or pay the fees set forth in the proposed contract during the three year period, or the G & A Expenses will be as low as estimates.

EPIC Advisors

EPIC is developing relationships with several knowledgable and experienced people in financial services and/or medical devices who have agreed to become advisors to EPIC. One in particular has been invaluable in EPIC's transition and is expected to join EPIC in the near future.

EPIC and AcuFAB®

EPIC is negotiating with a company to sell the AcuFAB® Insoles and AcuFAB® Overlay Support Surfaces, and another company to sell AcuFAB® as a wound healing product. We have also made contact with a manufacturer in New York that can use AcuFAB® to produce incontinence pads with a barrier and an absorbent pad that are also washable and dry-able.

About EPIC

EPIC, the Dividend and Outside-The-Box Company, is a Special Purpose Vehicle that provides value added turn-key solutions to qualified private companies ("QPC") enabling them to become a development public stage company ("DSPC").

The EPIC value added difference is its assumption of responsibility for effecting and managing the tactical financial plans as the QPC's Financial Consultant.

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