EPIS, Inc.

March 24, 2005 18:28 ET

EPIS Announces the Release of Its New AURORA-PowerWorld Simulator Interface for LMP



MARCH 24, 2005 - 18:28 ET

EPIS Announces the Release of Its New
AURORA-PowerWorld Simulator Interface for LMP

PORTLAND, Ore.--(CCNMatthews - Mar 24, 2005) -

EPIS, Inc., developer of the pace-setting AURORA Electric Market
Model™, announced today the release of its AURORA-PowerWorld
Simulator Interface -- the leading user-friendly tool to produce
bus-level locational marginal price (LMP) forecasts, valuations of
financial transmission rights (FTRs), and long-term asset valuations.

The AURORA-PowerWorld Simulator Interface integrates two
industry-leading models -- AURORAxmp® and PowerWorld® Simulator. The
AURORA-PowerWorld Simulator Interface operates these best of breed
models, augmenting their full capabilities in a seamless modeling
process. PowerWorld Simulator users gain access to the detailed
database, sophisticated generation commitment and dispatch logic, risk,
and portfolio capabilities of AURORA. AURORA users benefit from the
power flow and nodal pricing strengths of PowerWorld Simulator, a
high-voltage optimal power flow model. Power marketers, developers, and
resource planners now have a powerful, easy-to-use interface to
efficiently set up and run nodal studies.

"This brings a new level of speed, ease of use and inter-temporal
framework to LMP and power flow analysis," said Warren H. Winter,
President and CEO of EPIS. "The AURORA-PowerWorld Simulator Interface
takes full advantage of Simulator's modern technology," said Mark
Laufenberg, President of PowerWorld Corp. "Our vision has always been
for other models to integrate with and extend Simulator's capabilities
in a seamless and easy-to-use manner. EPIS has succeeded in building a
very nice user interface that allows both products to operate as a fully
integrated tool."

The AURORA-PowerWorld Simulator Interface is a licensed software system.
Separate licenses are required for AURORAxmp and PowerWorld Simulator
OPF SimAuto. EPIS licenses AURORAxmp and the AURORA-PowerWorld Simulator
Interface to utilities, power marketers, financial institutions and
consultants to produce forecasts of electricity market prices based on
market fundamentals. The fastest tool of its kind, AURORAxmp is used for
risk analysis of price volatility on generation and contract portfolios.
The model simulates hourly wholesale spot prices for all major North
American energy markets and hubs.

PowerWorld® Simulator OPF SimAuto is an interactive power simulation
package designed to simulate high-voltage power system operation. It
provides a comprehensive view of nodal-level electrical power flows in a
transmission grid. The Simulator OPF tool allows users to calculate
LMPs, and the Simulator SimAuto tool allows other programs to access and
control Simulator via a Microsoft COM object. (EPIS does not sell or
represent PowerWorld. For more information about PowerWorld, see

About EPIS, Inc.

EPIS, Inc. (www.epis.com) is the developer of the AURORA Electric Market
Model™, the proven leading-edge software package for forecasting
wholesale electricity market prices. AURORA comes with ready-to-use data
for all the reliability regions in North America and is used by leading
energy providers, regulators, power-marketing companies, energy
consultants and utilities to model wholesale electricity prices.


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