December 13, 2005 13:22 ET

EPOS Breaks Into U.S. Consumer Electronics Market With Revolutionary 3-D Positioning Products

Positioning Technology Innovator Takes Market by Storm With Suite of Consumer and Business Products; Inaugural Launch Includes Unprecedented Wireless Digital Pen & Mouse

DENVER, CO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 13, 2005 -- EPOS, a leading provider of advanced, multi-dimensional digital positioning technology, today announced its entrance into the U.S. consumer electronics, mobile and interactive gaming markets. EPOS' break-through technology enables next-generation, positioning-driven applications and consumer electronics products at mass market pricing appeal.

Applications and products that can benefit from EPOS technology are limitless, including a wireless digital pen and mouse product for PCs, a mobile phone stylus that turns one's device into an instant virtual touch-screen and a virtual gaming product that provides the user with full control and 3-D interactivity.

To kickoff its U.S. launch, this week EPOS is announcing its first product specifically geared towards the digital consumer electronics market -- a wireless digital pen & mouse bundled solution. This multipurpose, wireless PC peripheral enables a diversified audience, including cyber teens to students to urban professionals and the elderly, to wirelessly capture and display handwritten notes on a PC, point and click with full mouse functionality, draw and share sketches digitally via email and messaging applications, and transform handwritten notes to text, all seamlessly and in real-time.

Unlike competitive products, EPOS' wireless digital pen & mouse does not require special paper or a tablet, runs on minimal battery consumption and retails at an extremely low price point.

"EPOS' new wireless digital pen & mouse is the first step of a full suite of next generation digital consumer electronic devices powered by positioning technology. We are excited to follow this inaugural launch at CES with another break-through EPOS product," said Oded Eliashiv, chief executive officer of EPOS. "EPOS' vision is to change the way users interact with their digital environment. By introducing advanced positioning technology to PC, mobile and gaming products, we hope to bring a whole new dimension of digital freedom to the consumer electronics world."

EPOS' positioning technology is unique because it is based on the transmission of ultrasonic acoustic waves between two or more devices via a "Transmitter" and a "Receiver." The transmitter, embedded in a device such as a pen or other wireless terminal, sends constant acoustic signals to the receiver that in turn, uses them to measure the exact distance and position of the device.

Unlike previous positioning technologies utilizing acoustic measurement, EPOS is the first company to transform the acoustic domain into digital. By digitizing the acoustic signal, EPOS' technology can pinpoint the exact distance and position of the device as well as support several devices simultaneously.

EPOS Technology Benefits:

--  Low Cost -- Cutting-edge technology at mass market prices
--  Reduced Power -- Minimal battery power consumption
--  Small Size -- Requires minimal real estate
--  Mobility -- Solutions span the entertainment, home and office
--  Simultaneous Users and Applications -- Wireless Terminal Units can
    interact with one or more base stations while maintaining their unique
--  'Clash-Free' Protocol -- Works with 802.11, BT, IR or other wireless
--  Manufacturability -- Easily manufactured, utilizing standard
    fabrication techniques
--  Design Flexibility -- Fast time-to-market with extremely low
    development costs
EPOS' wireless digital pen and mouse will be available in U.S. retail stores in Q2 of 2006. For additional information on the product, including specifications, as well as on the company and its activities at CES, visit the EPOS Web site at:

About EPOS

EPOS is a global leader in providing advanced, multi-dimensional positioning technology for next-generation, interactive-driven products and applications in the consumer electronics, mobile and gaming markets. The company provides revolutionary high-resolution, low power consumption positioning technology for an unlimited range of products targeted at CE manufacturers. EPOS has representatives throughout the US, Europe, Hong Kong, Israel and Japan. EPOS investors include Jerusalem Venture Partners ( and Tel-Ad Electronics (

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