July 07, 2008 10:48 ET

epost Joins WWF-Canada's 'The Good Life'

Canada Post's online bill delivery service commits to raising $150,000 for WWF-Canada's conservation efforts

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 7, 2008) - epost™, Canada Post's online bill delivery service, today announced they will be working with WWF-Canada to raise money for The Good Life, an online community for Canadians who want to make simple but significant changes to help fight climate change and reduce their impact on the planet. epost™ will be donating $1 for the first 150,000 new registrants to their service.

"At Canada Post, we're committed to finding ways to protect the environment and minimize our carbon footprint by providing greener choices, like epost, and earth-friendlier ideas for both consumers and businesses," said Robert Waite, senior vice-president Corporate Social Responsibility, Canada Post. "Our goal with this promotion is to raise $150,000 towards the great work being done by WWF-Canada. In support of The Good Life, we're asking for Canadians' to help by taking this one simple step."

"Most of us recognize that we need to stop talking about the dangers of climate change and start doing something about it," said Julia Langer, Director, Global Threats, WWF-Canada. "The Good Life is all about individuals taking simple steps every day to fight climate change, making it a perfect fit with epost. Individuals have the ability to make a significant difference by collectively making small changes in their own lives which will reduce greenhouse gases and lessen the impact of climate change."

As an online bill delivery service, epost allows Canadians to securely receive, view and store their regular household bills and financial statements online, making the service one option to reduce the amount of paper entering homes. epost offers advantages beyond the environmental benefits. Simple and convenient, it's a way to save time filing paper bills and bring order to home finance management (epost will even send payment reminders). Currently the program has more than 100 mailers (companies or organizations) sending bills or statements. Documents are securely stored for up to seven years, simplifying record keeping for Canadians.

"A modern post office means providing choices to customers; choice over what is received and where or how you receive it," says Waite. "We hope more Canadians will embrace online bill delivery as a convenient and environmentally friendly choice."

The fundraising campaign will run from July 7 to October 7, 2008.

To learn more about The Good Life or to join, please visit

To learn more about epost or to register, please visit


Green Fact Sheet

About epost™: epost is an environmentally-friendly option for
receiving, paying and managing bills.

By using epost, a consumer can reduce the volume of
paper bills coming into their homes and do their part
for the environment in the meantime.

Saving Paper: - A paper bill contains at least two pieces of paper
(including the envelope). If a Canadian receives an
average of five bills per month, that's 120 sheets of
paper a year. With more than four million registered
users currently, there is a potential savings of 480
million pieces of paper.
- If each piece was letter sized, they would line up
end-to-end to stretch across the Trans-Canada
Highway's 8,030 km route from Victoria to St.
John's 17 times.
- If all of Canada's 12 million households were
registered epost users and added five bills each,
that number would increase to 50 times.
- Assuming the average bill weighs 35 grams and one
tonne of paper is equivalent to about 19 trees:
- With four million registered users, epost could
save up to 159,600 trees.
- With all 12 million Canadian households, that
number goes up to 478,000 trees.
Commitment to
the Environment: - Canada Post is a progressive business committed to
providing customers with choices, including
environmentally-friendlier options for receiving
their mail.
- As a company, Canada Post also conserves resources
through energy-conservation strategies, recycling
programs and the purchase and use of earth-friendly

Take Action: Register at between July 7 and
October 7, 2008 and $1 for each of the first 150,000
registrants will be donated to World Wildlife Fund
Canada's community The Good Life.


Fact Sheet

About epost™: epost is Canada Post's free, electronic bill
presentment service which allows Canadians to receive,
view, pay and store regular household bills and other
important financial documents in one secure online

Since epost was launched in 1999, more than four
million Canadians have registered for epost mailboxes.
Features &
Benefits: - Consumers can choose to receive a variety of bills,
statements and even paystubs in one secure online
location, which not only saves time and trees but
also simplifies record keeping.
- There are more than 200 types of bills and other
financial documents currently available from epost.
- Reminders are available to alert users of new
deliveries to their mailbox and help avoid late
payment charges.
- Do your part for the environment by reducing the
amount of paper you consume each month by reducing
paper bills.
- Provides secure online storage for up to seven years,
helps to eliminate household clutter.
- Consumers can access epost through or directly from the online
banking website of most major Canadian financial
institutions and credit unions.
- Because bills and other documents are delivered to
one secure online location, customers can view their
bills from anywhere Internet is available, even when
away from home.

epost How To: - Sign up for an epost mailbox by filling in an online
form at
- Add mailers.
- Mailers are the companies and organizations, which
send mail - bills, statement, pay stubs, tax
receipts, and other financial documents in
electronic form - to epost mailboxes.
- When the next billing cycle takes effect, bills and
documents will be delivered via epost to you!
Pricing &
Availability: epost is a free service available to all Canadians by
registering at or through the
online banking site of most major financial

Contact Information