July 18, 2011 13:41 ET Discusses Data Storage & Flash Drive Recovery Services

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - Jul 18, 2011) - NAND Flash Memory & Flash Drive Recovery -- everything from USB flash drives to microSD memory cards to tablets is utilizing this data-retention-without-power storage technology. "Buoyed by the success of Apple Inc.'s iPad, NAND flash will likely enjoy explosive growth in 2011 with the arrival of tablet products from other players such as Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, Dell Inc. and Research In Motion Ltd.," says Michael Yang, a senior analyst for memory and storage at IHS. In 2010, its greatest year to date, the flash memory market climbed 38% with revenue reaching $18.7 billion. This segment is set to appreciate with another year of double-digit percentage growth in 2011 as well, rocketing to an expected $22 billion in revenue. And Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company, reports that in 2010 alone, 245 million USB flash drives were sold across the globe. As the NAND flash drive market flourishes so does the need for reliable Flash Drive Recovery.

The unmentioned, yet undeniable accomplice in the portable storage device dependence must be Flash Drive Recovery. The amount of data that can be stored on NAND flash drives, some are upwards of 250GB, and schlepped around is mind-bending. And the significance of the data that is being stored on them: sensitive corporate financial data, customer and payment information, photos from the family vacation, even full system backups, is indicative of our confidence in the technology. But that confidence sometimes mocks us when the unthinkable happens. Flash drives fail for many different reasons -- power surges, virus attacks, computer failure, moisture, maltreatment and more. Where there is data storage there can also be data loss, and when you have data loss eProvided can Recover Flash Drive data. eProvided is the most experienced name in Data Recovery. eProvided techs have the skill and knowledge required to Recover Flash Drive data, regardless of why your drive failed. Many times it is thought that if the flash drive is dropped in the commode or run over by your scooter or the dog munched it that all is lost. Not true, for when you let eProvided Review the situation and give them the go-ahead to begin the Data Recovery process you will find that in 98% of the cases, and most likely yours, the data can be successfully retrieved.

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