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ACH Foam Technologies

September 04, 2012 11:30 ET

EPS Geofoam Plays Supporting Role in Civic Revitalization

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - Sep 4, 2012) - EPS Geofoam is being discovered by engineers to be the material of choice for an extensive array of commercial applications. The high compressive strength, light weight and predictable performance of Geofoam has made it especially appealing for reducing axial loads on concrete decks, creating green roofs, and providing fill for floor elevation changes. EPS Geofoam has earned accolades because it can be manufactured to precisely meet design requirements and accelerate construction schedules. Now that the construction and engineering communities have had many years of exposure to EPS Geofoam and continue to explore its use in commercial applications, it is becoming an important solution in meeting critical design requirements for schools, hospitals, and civic revitalization projects. 

The revitalization of The Crossroads Arts District, located in downtown Kansas City, includes the construction of The Kauffman Center of Performing Arts. The 285,000 square foot facility houses two theaters and a 1000-car underground parking garage. The rooftop of the parking garage provides outdoor space needed for performances and gatherings. In order to create the green-roof space, engineers required a lightweight fill material that would reduce the weight of the space on the parking structure below. EPS Geofoam was selected for its light weight and high compressive strength. 

EPS Geofoam was used to fit the compound sloped concrete roof deck of the parking garage and create a compound sloped top surface for the park. Over the Geofoam in the park, grass, walkways, and trees were installed to create a green area. 350,000 cubic feet of EPS 19 Geofoam with termite resistance treatment were installed in thicknesses ranging from 12 inches to 14 feet. Approximately 118 truckloads of EPS Geofoam were used to complete the project.

According to Mike Miller, Geofoam Contractor & Installer, George Shaw Construction,
"ACH Foam Technologies was chosen for the job because of prior successful Geofoam designs they produced with J.L. Bruce & Company landscape architects." Miller further explains, "The ACH Foam Technologies designer worked closely with the architect [J.L Bruce & Company] and George Shaw Construction to provide a custom fit Geofoam job involving special cut Geofoam pieces."

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