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January 28, 2008 08:00 ET

Epstein & Gilberti LLC Files Sexual Battery Suit Against Dr. Lawrence Guarino

On behalf of Lawrence Ray, Daughter, Talia Ray

RED BANK, NJ--(Marketwire - January 28, 2008) - A Sexual Battery Lawsuit was filed on December 13, 2007 in Trenton in Federal Court against Dr. Lawrence Guarino on behalf of 18-year-old Talia Ray and her father, Lawrence Ray. The suit alleges that Talia Ray, while still a child, was sexually molested by her maternal grandfather, Lawrence, between 1993 and 1997. Guarino is an Edison, NJ Physician. Talia Ray additionally charges that between 1989 and 2002, she was also allegedly sexually molested and abused by her mother, Theresa Ray. Talia Ray is suing Dr. Lawrence Guarino, and "Guarino, Chen and Wang," the medical group employing Guarino.

The suit makes multiple claims of sexual battery, simple battery, assault and negligence. There is a loss of consortium claim included by Ms. Ray's father, Lawrence Ray.

Despite numerous reports of sexual abuse made to Union and Somerset County police and Prosecutors, no charges were ever filed by Prosecutors against Theresa Ray or Dr. Guarino. The lawsuit was filed by Red Bank Attorney, Michael Gilberti, Esq.

The Office of NJ Child Advocate Maryanne Aiello recently advised Former N.J. State Senator Alene S. Ammond that they have reopened their investigation into these matters. Somerset and Union Counties failed to protect Talia and her sister from predatory family sexual abusers.

Lawrence Ray, a former best friend of Bernard Kerik, former NYC Police Commissioner was Best Man at Kerik's wedding in 1998. A significant change in their relationship took place in 2004, when Ray, a "Confidential Source" for the FBI disclosed damaging information against Bernard Kerik, in the media and to authorities.

When President Bush nominated Bernard Kerik for Director of National Homeland Security, Ray felt compelled to come forth with the damaging evidence against Kerik. The President was forced to withdraw the nomination.

Ammond, a spokesperson for 18-year-old Talia Ray said, "she is convinced that Talia Ray is telling the truth since she kept Journals of her experiences over the years." Flora Colao LCSW, a child sex crime expert and former Prosecution expert for the Queens, D.A. associated with Mt. Sinai Hospital in NY has opined that Talia Ray exhibits evidence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder resulting from years of sexual abuse. Dr. Colao conducted an in-depth examination of Talia Ray. Dr. Satya Cohen, Psychologist at Mt. Sinai Hospital in N.Y. reached similar conclusions.

Ms. Ray has also retained Florida Lawyer, Mark Gelman, Esq. who is also Counsel for Mark Lunsford. Lunsford, whose daughter Jessica was buried alive by a sexual predator is a nationally known child advocate. He is advancing the "Jessie's Law" movement across the country creating harsh penalties for those convicted of sex crimes.

According to Gelman, he has been in communication with N.J. Authorities and providing them with a wealth of information to corroborate claims of sexual abuse. Unfortunately, Gelman insisted, his calls for action were unanswered or ignored by New Jersey Authorities.

"Talia Ray has passed a polygraph and been examined by well known experts. I am absolutely convinced that Talia was abused and has not received the justice she deserves. It is a sad day in America when a child has to rely on the Civil Court System to do the work that should have been accomplished through Criminal Courts," Gelman said.

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