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September 24, 2007 09:26 ET

Eptascape Introduces Eptavision Intelligent Video Management Software Suite -- Enabling Plug-and-Play Video Analytics

Addressing Prevailing Issues -- Cost and Flexible Interface -- Eptascape Utilizes Standard Hardware Platforms to Adapt Both Analog and IP Video Surveillance Security Devices and Networks to Intelligent Video Analytics

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - September 24, 2007) - ASIS -- Eptascape,, the leader in application of MPEG-7 video analytics technology, introduced Eptavision Intelligent Video Management Software (IVMS) Suite today at ASIS. Eptavision IVMS integrates video analytics with video management software, using proven video management software modules from A&H Software House, in a product suite that accommodates any mix of IP or analog based surveillance cameras or networks. Eptavision IVMS software incorporates the Eptascape Video Analtyics Platform, based on the company's MPEG-7 and XML standards-based hardware and software technology to achieve next generation video management software. Detecting events in real-time and managing viewing, reporting, and control across any network mix, Eptavision enables either immediate viewing and feedback through live video viewer client software, or browsing of recorded video based on events or directly accessing video footage of specific content.

Eptavision is available as a licensing solution for medium and large security system integrators for installations of 10 or more IP cameras and up to hundreds of simultaneous IP or analog video sources. Eptavision IVMS comprises a complete package -- video server, detection engine, client and analytics tools, and enterprise management capabilities -- making intelligent video analytics an affordable and adaptable enhancement for any business or organization to improve security camera surveillance.

"Working with Eptascape we break new ground in bringing intelligent video analytics to video management software. Though there are many companies offering software for video management, until now there wasn't an option to offer analytics and video management software together," said Janis Abolins, A&H Software House's Vice-President of Engineering. "With the affordable pricing inherent to Eptascape's DSP-based processing and plug-and-play accommodation of analog and IP cameras and networks, Eptavision becomes the breakthrough product that enables intelligent surveillance for new applications, users, and markets."

MPEG-7 Effects Intelligent Security Immediately and Affordably

"Video analytics is critical to every modern security video management system, and Eptavision is the intelligent video platform that makes it possible to plug-in video analytics wherever you need it. Small and medium-range security installations can take advantage along with the largest enterprises and forensic applications," said Marco Graziano, founder and CEO of Eptascape. "Our partnership with technology partner A&H Software House brings the well recognized and established Luxriot product to the video management of Eptavision. These kinds of partnerships with independent software vendors and video security manufacturers both allow our partners to leverage our MPEG-7 technology to enhance sales opportunities, and enable Eptascape to stay focused on developing MPEG-7 video analytics to satisfy the most demanding security needs."

Eptavision IVMS software incorporates all of Eptascape's Video Analytics Platform MPEG-7 products and technology to provide scene analysis in real time and record suspicious events, such as trespassing, tailgating, abandoned object, removed object, direction flow, loitering, or crowd formation. Eptascape technology is infinitely scaleable and cost effective, allowing multiple events with multiple schedules to be flexibly programmed and operate on a single camera or across a network of many types of cameras on any video management platform.

Eptavision IVMS incorporates any mix of analog and IP cameras and applies MPEG-7 video analytics to the network for optimum event-based surveillance that frees operators while improving security with better detection and alert mechanisms.

Eptavision offers extensive remote management and resource optimization capabilities, including centralized control of user access capabilities and remote configuration of all video acquisition and recording settings of individual DVR Video Servers.

Eptavision includes the Eptascape Behavioral Analysis Detection Engine, transparently integrated with the Core DVR Video Server and functioning as a service. Behaviors and events that are automatically detected include: Advanced Motion Detection, Abandoned Objects, Loitering, Directional Trespassing, Direction Flow Detection, Object Counting and Average Speed, Objects Removed, and Tailgating.

Beyond the core behaviors included, unlimited numbers of behaviors can be defined for each video stream. The number of video streams supported is limited only by hardware and network resources.

Eptavision Client Software Tools Include Multiple Behaviors and Unlimited Possibilities

Eptascape's client tools deliver integrated analytics capabilities that increase productivity by enabling security staff to respond timely to critical breaches and better manage overall security and loss-prevention, while providing fraud and forensic investigators quick browsing and pinpoint analysis of large amounts of recorded video.

A specific video export function enables third party organizations such as police or the courts to quickly review video evidence obtained from Eptavision even without licensed software. Video clips are selected in the DVR Video Server and stored on CD or DVD together with a client Viewer.

The Eptavision IVMS Software Suite is available directly from Eptascape to qualified systems integrators and OEM partners worldwide, including customization and localization services. Localized versions include English, Italian and Spanish languages. Interested entities may contact Eptascape at

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Eptascape designs and markets video analysis and behavior recognition products that enable both analog and IP cameras and systems used today to monitor secure locations in real-time. Eptascape markets its products to the security industry worldwide. Founded in 2005, Eptascape is privately held and based in Sunnyvale, California.

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