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EQ Works

October 14, 2014 10:16 ET

EQ Works Announces Targeted, Pre-Screened YouTube™ Channels

YouTube™ Advertising With Premium Performance

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - Oct. 14, 2014) - EQ Works (TSX:EQ), the only company in Canada with a true high resolution audience targeting platform, today announced that its clients can now buy pre-roll video ad placements on YouTube™ organized into custom channels that have been pre-screened for accuracy and brand safety. EQ Works provides added confidence in relevancy, viewability and completion rates.

YouTube™ video advertising can be extremely effective, but due to the limited on-screen content outside of the video, heavy reliance is placed on user tags to determine what the video is about. EQ Works adds a layer of screening on top of YouTube™ videos whereby videos are reviewed and classified for content that is relevant and brand safe for advertisers, and the videos are organized into contextual channels that advertisers can then buy. The result is more granular categories that have a more reliable content match, and that improve video completion rates.

"Premium pre-roll video can be an expensive and is often in short supply when you want it, and video advertising through exchanges can be a risky endeavor for advertisers," said Dilshan Kathriarachchi, CTO EQ Works. "Unlocking the potential of YouTube™ inventory can provide advertisers with highly engaging video content at scale that reduces waste, is brand safe and performs better. This is precisely what we have done with our latest offering of pre-screened YouTube™ channels. Advertisers no longer have to rely on user tags to determine accuracy, and because all videos are pre-screened in advance of the decision to buy, advertisers limit waste as they can be assured the videos are compatible with their advertising objectives."

The company also announced that it is taking video advertising transparency one step further for its clients. Working with video intelligence partner Veenome, EQ provides a transparent view of how video ad campaigns outside of EQ have really performed, with candid reports on metrics that are important to advertisers. Clients are now empowered with real video intelligence such as viewability reports with an analysis of domain features such as autoplay identification and media player size, as well as completion rates and brand safety at the video content level. No other company provides the ability to both analyze and target video ads based on this criteria.

About EQ Works

EQ Works (www.eqworks.com) provides a smarter way to engage audience with the most advanced advertising platforms in Canada. The company uses EQ Personas across channels to provide a high resolution view into the audience segments that are most valuable to advertisers, and that make all mobile, video and display campaigns perform better. EQ Inc., operating as EQ Works, is the owner of the trademarks EQ Works, Agency First and Hercules.

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