Equity Financial Holdings Inc.

Equity Financial Holdings Inc.

November 09, 2012 17:00 ET

EQI Reports Third Quarter 2012 Results

Mortgage loans outstanding over $165 million; total assets over $229 million

Quarter's results reflect declining trend in non-mortgage business units, variations in large-volume transactions

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 9, 2012) - Equity Financial Holdings Inc. (TSX:EQI) ("EQI" or "the Corporation"), a Canadian financial services company serving the corporate and institutional markets and the retail mortgage market, reported today its financial results for the three and nine months ended September 30, 2012.

Financial Highlights (all dollar amounts, except per-share, are in $000s unless otherwise stated)1

(Unaudited) Three months ended $ % Nine months ended $ %
Sep. 30,
Sep. 30,
Change Change Sep. 30,
Sep. 30,
Change Change
Operating Results
Fees and margin revenue 4,411 5,250 (839 ) (16 %) 14,786 29,860 (15,074 ) (50 %)
Net interest income 1,244 416 828 199 % 3,240 648 2,592 400 %
Fees, margin revenue and net interest income 5,655 5,666 (11 ) 0 % 18,026 30,508 (12,482 ) (41 %)
EBTDA 398 299 99 33 % 1,427 12,933 (11,506 ) (89 %)
Net earnings and comprehensive income 90 60 30 50 % 410 8,640 (8,230 ) (95 %)
Earnings per share, basic $ 0.01 $ 0.01 $ - 0 % $ 0.04 $ 1.01 $ (0.97 ) (96 %)
Earnings per share, diluted $ 0.01 $ 0.01 $ - 0 % $ 0.04 $ 1.00 $ (0.96 ) (96 %)
Return on equity (annualized) 1 % 0 % 1 % NA 1 % 30 % (29 %) (97 %)
Balance Sheet Highlights
Cash and cash equivalents 44,382 35,536 8,846 25 % 44,382 35,536 8,846 25 %
Assets 229,418 111,958 117,460 105 % 229,418 111,958 117,460 105 %
Liabilities 177,385 62,685 114,700 183 % 177,385 62,685 114,700 183 %
1 EBTDA (Earnings Before Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization,) and annualized return on equity (net earnings divided by the simple average of reported shareholders' equity at the beginning and end of the period, multiplied by the appropriate factor to arrive at an annualized figure) do not have any standardized meaning prescribed by IFRS and may not be comparable to similar measures presented by other issuers. However, we believe financial analysts and investors view these as key measures of certain aspects of our performance. They use EBTDA as an indication of our ability to invest in property, plant and equipment, and to raise and service debt; and they use return on equity as a key indicator of whether we use our capital resources efficiently. These measures should not be considered as an alternative to cash flows from operating activities nor to any other measures of performance presented in accordance with IFRS.

Our mortgage unit continued to grow during the quarter and is the primary driver of the increase of $828 or 199% in net interest income year-over-year. Net interest income generated for the year-to-date has increased by $2,592 or 400% as our mortgage loan portfolio is expanding and the revenue and net earnings contributed by this business unit has increased each quarter in 2012. Overall revenue for the third quarter, however, was flat year over year, with the increased contribution from our mortgage unit offset by a decrease of $839 or 16% in fees and margin revenues from our other business units, reflecting the persistently difficult capital market conditions that started in the second half of last year. Revenue for the year-to-date has decreased $12,482 or 41%, reflecting the absence of the large-volume foreign exchange transactions comparable to those which occurred in 2011. Earnings per share was flat for the third quarter at $0.01 but down by 96% to $0.04 for the year-to-date, again reflecting the significant drop in revenues from our non-mortgage business units. The infrastructure costs for our non-mortgage business units were established during prior years when average revenues per client were significantly higher. Management is currently reviewing this cost infrastructure and made headcount reductions in the third quarter in response to the decline in revenues.

The key elements by operating segment of our performance for the quarter were as follows:


The rapid year-over-year growth in third quarter fees ($93 or 443%) and net interest income ($779 or 187%) led to the most profitable quarter to date from our mortgage business with segment earnings of $305 ($631 for the year-to-date). Net interest margins remain in line with our expectation of 3% and our mortgage loan portfolio has provided a growing source of recurring revenue since we commenced mortgage lending in the second quarter of 2011.

We originated $42.0 million of new mortgage loans during the third quarter (an increase of 21% from 2011), establishing a new high for quarterly originations. We now have mortgage loans outstanding of $166.0 million as at September 30, 2012 (compared to $53.3 million at September 30, 2011), and we have estimated commitments to make future advances on mortgage loans of $16.2 million. During the quarter we increased EFT's regulatory capital through an injection of $5 million funded with existing cash. Based on our capacity and current pace of originations we expect our loan book by year end 2012 will be approaching $200.0 million. We believe we have built a robust and scalable infrastructure which has allowed us to proactively respond to the new lending guidelines issued by the financial services supervisory authorities, and we are confident in our ability to meet these regulatory requirements.

Transfer Agent & Trust

Our average revenue per transfer agent client has declined in 2012 as a result of difficult market conditions. Our transfer agent and corporate trust revenue streams have both been constrained by depressed market stock market activity: trading volumes and financing volumes have both been significantly lower in 2012 than in 2011. The effect of these depressed volumes was particularly strong over the summer months and in response to these unfavourable results management made tactical headcount reductions during the third quarter and is evaluating options for further cost reductions. Our transfer and trust segment incurred a loss for the quarter of $168 (earnings of $422 for the year-to-date).

Foreign Exchange

Third quarter results for our foreign exchange segment were lower than those for the same period in the previous year due to the decline in our core revenues, whereas the decline in year-to-date results primarily reflects the absence of the large-volume transactions which occurred in the second quarter of 2011. In response, we have been refocusing our sales efforts and have also reduced segment operating costs, primarily through headcount reductions. We will, however, retain the capacity to earn significant additional profits from large-volume transactions when market conditions allow. This segment incurred a loss of $101 for the quarter ($612 for the year-to-date).

EQI President & CEO Paul G. Smith said,

"Our mortgage unit continued to grow during the quarter and we expect this segment to continue to be our fastest growing income stream through the remainder of 2012. The earnings from this segment, and the positive growth in our balance sheet, contrast with otherwise subdued results, reflecting persistent difficult market conditions and the absence of large-volume foreign exchange transactions comparable to those which occurred in 2011. The infrastructure costs for our non-mortgage business units were established during prior years when average revenues per client were significantly higher but the recent period of challenging market conditions has led to management's decision to make headcount reductions. We will, however, retain the capacity to earn significant additional profits when market conditions allow, as we demonstrated in the second quarter last year. As our mortgage portfolio expands, we expect the impact of large-volume transactions on our operating results to gradually decline over time."

Our Interim Consolidated Financial Statements and Management's Discussion and Analysis for the third quarter ended September 30, 2012 can be found in our filings on SEDAR at www.sedar.com and on our website at www.equityfinancialholdings.com

Quarterly Conference Call

EQI will hold a conference call on November 12, 2012 at 10:00 AM Eastern Time to discuss its operating results and to answer questions. Participants can dial 416-340-2216 or toll free 866-226-1792.

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