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September 13, 2017 03:01 ET

Equate Health Joins UC Davis and Healbe for Nutrition and Health Innovation Research Collaboration

Equate Health Supplies its AI and Machine Learning Tools to Help Create Technology-Driven and Knowledge-Based Health Platform to Combat Metabolic Imbalance and Chronic Disease

DUBLIN, CA--(Marketwired - September 13, 2017) - Equate Health, an artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning startup in the healthcare domain that specializes in chronic care platforms, has joined the University of California, Davis (UC Davis), Foods for Health Institute (FFHI), and Healbe, a health and wellness startup, in the recently established Nutrition and Health Innovation Research Collaboration, to bring precision health solutions to consumers.

For the research announced in May 2017, Equate Health will employ its various AI/machine learning tools to create targeted algorithms for various demographics and populations to produce predictive analytics and meaningful solutions for maintaining health.

Dr. Sara Schaefer, Associate Director at the Foods for Health Institute, UC Davis, and principal investigator for the research says that a major goal of the research is to develop and launch technologies that detect the preventive aspects of health.

"The collaboration with Equate Health and Healbe™ aims to create proof of principle for science and technology-driven, knowledge-based precision health platforms," said Dr. Schaefer. "With precision health strategies, consumers can learn to manage personal health metrics daily and over the long term. The ultimate goal of this is to better combat metabolic imbalance and disease."

The research collaboration will initially validate precision tools for consumer health, such as those that measure caloric expenditure, caloric and nutrient intake, heart rate, stress and hydration level, starting with Healbe's patented Healbe FLOW™ technology. The Healbe GoBe™ 2 wearable, the first device that automatically measures calorie intake, hydration levels and stress level non-invasively through users' skin, will be used to collect data on nine health parameters from research subjects -- including calorie intake, calories burned, energy balance, water balance, stress level, emotional state, heart rate, sleep quality, distance traveled/number of steps taken per day.

"We're pleased to welcome Equate Health into our research partnership with UC Davis," said Artem Shipitsyn, CEO and co-founder of Healbe. "It's our belief that by pooling all our resources, we will help enable consumers to have more tools to evaluate their health and lifestyle habits so they can make the best personal choices."

"We envision that the results of this collaboration will create a pipeline of integrated products and services to improve the overall health of individuals by enabling them to establish personalized health and diet regimens," said Dr. Sam Ramakrishnan, chief medical officer, Equate Health. "Setting personal dietary guidelines, staying active, maintaining proper hydration and managing stress is key to losing and maintaining weight, as well as to avoiding serious health problems such as obesity, metabolic syndrome and coronary heart disease."

About Equate Health Inc
Equate Health leverages data analytics and machine learning to promote health and well-being. The identification of key trends, patterns and correlations form a key element in our armamentarium. Using evidence based criteria, behavioral science and user experience, they design feedback and interventions that are conducive to maintaining health and prevent the onset of disease. Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics enable a mobile and cloud based platform to deliver optimal information towards the betterment of health.

About UC Davis
UC Davis is one of the world's leading cross-disciplinary research and teaching institutions, located in Davis, California. The most academically comprehensive university on the West Coast, it is renowned for its programs in food and agriculture, the environmental sciences and sustainability, and veterinary medicine.

About Healbe
Healbe Corp.™ is a global health and wellness wearable startup founded in 2012. The company conducted a successful Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign in 2014 that raised more than $1 million dollars to support its launch of the GoBe™, a health-monitoring "smart life" bracelet. The GoBe uses patented Healbe FLOW™ Technology and other innovative features to monitor more aspects of individuals' health and well-being than any other wearable fitness tracker -- including calorie intake, calories burned, energy balance, water balance, stress level, emotional state, heart rate, sleep quality, distance traveled and number of steps per day. Healbe is headquartered in Moscow with research and development offices in St. Petersburg, Russia; U.S. headquarters in Redwood City, Calif.; and manufacturing offices in Schenzhen, China.

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