October 03, 2011 08:10 ET

Equity Research on General Motors Company and Tesla Motors Inc. - Automakers Struggle to Make Electric Cars Viable

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With increasingly tough fuel economy regulations in Europe and the United States, many automakers are looking for ways to appease governments while delivering what their customers want. Right now, it seems what most customers want is a combination of fuel economy and low sticker prices, and auto manufacturers have not yet been able to find the right mix of the two with their electric vehicles. Get your free reports on General Motors Company and Tesla Motors Inc. at There is no commitment to join. is the Ultimate Trading Environment for investors. If you are considering owning General Motors Company and Tesla Motors Inc. then you should sign up for a free membership and our complimentary reports today at Over the last 5 years our returns outpaced any of the major indexes. Sign up today to find out what you are missing.

Many major auto manufacturers like General Motors Company and the high-end all electric Tesla Motors Inc. have been introducing new all electric vehicles to the market. While Tesla has seen some success with their big ticket electric sports cars, the six figure price tags have kept their Tesla Roadsters in the niche category. Tesla Motors Inc. report is accessible for free by registering today at

Some other automakers including General Motors have attempted their own all electric models, but so far customer reception has been rather cool. The combination of high initial cost, low range and customer uncertainty over the durability of the batteries has kept many buyers away. General Motors Company report is accessible for free by registering today at

While all electric cars may still take some time to gain in popularity, hybrid vehicles, lighter vehicles and advances in current combustion engine technology have helped to raise gas mileage and curb CO2 emissions. With all of the advances being made with ICE engine vehicles and hybrids and a tough economy, mainstream customers may continue to pass on all-electric vehicles.

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