March 02, 2011 07:59 ET

Equity Research on Invesco Agency Securities Inc. and Capstead Mortgage Corp. -- Mortgage Investment Sector Troubled by Potential Rate Hikes

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - March 2, 2011) - has a handpicked team of market professionals with over 100 years of combined investing experience. Today they are providing members comprehensive research on the mortgage investment industry and are offering free analytical research on Invesco Agency Securities Inc. (NYSE: IVR) and Capstead Mortgage Corp. (NYSE: CMO). Register with us today at to have free access to this research and speak to one of our pros.

After a prolonged period of low interest rates, a potential increase could greatly affect the profitability of the mortgage investment sector. Dividends have been strong for mortgage REIT's like Invesco Agency Securities as a result of a healthy short-term versus long-term rate spread. However, the Federal Reserve may be motivated to increase the short-term interest rates due to growing fears of economic inflation. This would hurt spreads throughout the sector and likely cause many to lower their dividends. Invesco Agency Securities Inc. report is accessible for free by registering today at is the Ultimate Trading Environment for investors. If you are considering owning Invesco Agency Securities Inc. and Capstead Mortgage Corp. then you should sign up for a free membership and our complimentary reports today at Over the last 5 years our returns outpaced any of the major indexes. Shine's performance in 2005 was +14%, 2006 + 26%, 2007 +99%, 2008 + 355% and 2009 + 46%. Sign up today to find out what you are missing. 

One piece of news that could also weigh on the sector's outlook is the Obama administration's proposal to restructure its role in the mortgage financing market. Hoping to shrink the role government sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac play in the $11 trillion mortgage market, this could hurt companies within the mortgage REIT industry that are highly leveraged on the fact that their mortgage-backed securities are essentially guaranteed by the government, ultimately adding an increased degree of risk to their business model. Capstead Mortgage Corp. report is accessible for free by registering today at

Fannie and Freddie currently own or insure around 97% of mortgage bonds. Companies like Capstead Mortgage Corp. have been considering the expansion of their leverage in 2011 thanks to the surety of the current agency-backed market. At the quarter ended Dec. 31st, Capstead had a portfolio leverage of 6.91 time long-term investment capital. Visit to see how companies in this industry have grown over the past years and how they are expected to perform in the future.

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