February 24, 2011 08:17 ET

Equity Research on OXiGENE Inc. and PDL BioPharma Inc. -- Biotechnology Sector Active Lately

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 24, 2011) - has a handpicked team of market professionals with over 100 years of combined investing experience. Today they are providing members comprehensive research on the biotechnology industry and are offering free analytical research on OXiGENE Inc. (NASDAQ: OXGND) and PDL BioPharma Inc. (NASDAQ: PDLI). Register with us today at to have free access to this research and speak to one of our pros.

There are several headwinds that companies within the Biotechnology sector are constantly facing. Access to capital is historically difficult for the sector as well as intense competition for talent and markets. Stiff competition often leads to patent disputes for companies like PDL Bio Pharma Inc. PDL BioPharma Inc. report is accessible for free by registering today at is the Ultimate Trading Environment for investors. If you are considering owning OXiGENE Inc. and PDL BioPharma Inc. then you should sign up for a free membership and our complimentary reports today at Over the last 5 years our returns outpaced any of the major indexes. Shine's performance in 2005 was +14%, 2006 + 26%, 2007 +99%, 2008 + 355% and 2009 + 46%. Sign up today to find out what you are missing. 

PDL has been involved in a few disputes lately, receiving $10 million from UCB SA for the rheumatoid arthritis drug Cimzia. It has also disclosed a $92.5 million settlement with AstraZeneca for an infant respiratory treatment. Visit to see how companies in this industry have grown over the past years and how they are expected to perform in the future. 

Recent funding pressures and uncertainty revolving around research and development budgets have many companies concerned about their operations. OXiGENE Inc. recently announced that it will team up with the National Cancer Institute on the development of one of its new treatments. OXiGENE Inc. report is accessible for free by registering today at

In other news, the FDA is expected to come out with its decision on the review process for the first copies of biologic medicines soon. The FDA is deciding whether extensive clinical trials are necessary for cheaper copies of drugs. There is also currently a proposal included in the new budget that would shorten exclusivity rights for bio-meds to seven years in order to promote competition within the sector.

The two biotechnology stocks research reports are available for free by signing up now on


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