February 08, 2012 01:00 ET

eQuoteDirect Comment on How Telematics Software Can Benefit Courier Van Insurance

KENT, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Feb. 8, 2012) - Trusted insurance brokers, eQuoteDirect, have responded to the increasing public interest in telematics based protection policies - explaining how the sophisticated systems can be particularly beneficial to the couriering industry.

eQuoteDirect broker insurance deals on behalf of clients from multiple industry sectors and although telematics software may seem more of a business to customer based technology, the brokers have clearly highlighted how delivery businesses can exploit the advantages of this impressive software.

A telematics device combines telecommunications and information technology, to analyse and interpret its host-vehicle's exact movements - before sending that information to a third party who can monitor the driver's behaviour. It could be seen as the automobile equivalent of an airliner's 'black box'. eQuoteDirect insist the software has the potential to lower courier van insurance.

Couriers spend the majority of their whole working day on the road and with the evolution of online shopping - the industry is expected to grow. eQuoteDirect have explained that with telematics-based insurance policies, the professional motorists will effectively lower their employer's premiums through driving correctly.

A spokesperson for the brokers commented:

'Telematics software has been used by trucking fleets in the past to monitor driver efficiency - it is great to see some insurers adopting the technology to monitor driver safety. Courier businesses can monitor drivers in the exact same way and now - they can benefit from an even fairer quote as well.'

As a broker, eQuoteDirect can seek out the best insurers who offer the best telematics policies and for courier insurance this is particularly useful, as professional driving reduces premiums accordingly. eQuoteDirect are experts in negotiating fair deals and with telematics boosting that fairness, they are definitely the people to talk to when it comes to insurance.

To find out more about eQuoteDirect and how they can put you in touch with a telematics insurance policy visit www.equotedirect.co.uk.

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