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ERA Carbon Offsets Ltd.

September 22, 2009 09:15 ET

ERA Carbon Offsets Ltd. Receives Ministerial Consent From the Government of Burundi to Proceed With the Project Design for the Restoration of the Kibira National Park and Surrounding Lands

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Sept. 22, 2009) - ERA Carbon Offsets Ltd., (TSX VENTURE:ESR), through its wholly owned subsidiary, ERA Ecosystem Restoration Associates ("ERA"), is pleased to announce that it has received Ministerial consent to proceed with the project design of an agroforestry/afforestation/reforestation project (the Project) in Burundi. The consent to proceed was signed by the Minister of l'Eau, de l'Environment, de l'Amenagement du Territoire et de l'Urbanisme ("MEEATU").

ERA will develop a project design document ("PDD") that addresses a range of considerations for implementing a forest-based carbon offset project within and adjacent to the Kibira National Park, including the transfer of carbon rights.

The Project will result in the removal of vast tonnages of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and the storage of carbon in forest biomass, by the establishment of new forest cover within and adjacent to Kibira National Park. The Project will allow communities to sustain improved livelihoods and will reduce the risk of future degradation of existing primary and secondary forests.

Carbon offsets generated from the Project will be validated and verified to leading international standards for forest-based climate mitigation for the voluntary carbon markets, and will be made available to organizations that wish to support community-based climate mitigation to offset their ecological footprints. According to the report titled "Fortifying the Foundation: State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2009"(i) published in May 2009, 123.4 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (MtCO2e) were transacted in the global voluntary carbon markets in 2008, a near doubling of 2007 transaction volume, representing an 87% growth rate.

Located in northwest Burundi, the Kibira National Park lies along the north-south oriented mountains of the Congo-Nile divide. The park is contiguous with Nyungwe forest in Rwanda, and with it, forms a montane forest block of some 130,000 hectares. Most of the remaining primary forest is found on the wetter, western mountain slopes.

Kibira National Park has been legally protected since 1933, while active conservation efforts, as elsewhere in Burundi, date from 1980. Historically, the forest was used for royal hunting and burial grounds, and some areas continue to have cultural and spiritual significance to indigenous peoples. Despite this, and its status as a National Park, there is significant deforestation pressure on parts of the forest from the illegal felling of trees, lighting fires to assist honey collection, and other unsustainable practices. This Project's avoided deforestation and socio-economic dimensions will assist adjacent communities to replace such unsustainable activities (inside and outside the park) with sustainable ones such as ecotourism, agro-forestry, and bio-product cottage industries.

Dr. Robert Falls, CEO of ERA commented, "We are excited to be working in Burundi on a project of this magnitude. This very important region has suffered severe stress due to numerous socio-economic challenges within Burundi, and represents an ideal opportunity for ecological renewal that will produce benefits for current and future generations. The Kibira National Park project will further showcase ERA's commitment to advancing sustainability, while highlighting the co-dependence of healthy human communities and healthy forest ecosystems."

About ERA Carbon Offsets Ltd.

ERA is a Canadian based pioneer in forest-based carbon offset programs and project development. Through its subsidiary, ERA Ecosystem Restoration Associates Inc., ERA produces significant, measurable carbon sequestration benefits that are validated and verified to international standards and sold to purchasers interested in offsetting their greenhouse gas footprints as a means of mitigating the effects of climate change. ERA is producing EcoNeutral® offsets from the company's "Community Ecosystem Restoration Program" (CERP) in the Lower Fraser Valley, near Vancouver, British Columbia. ERA is also developing projects in Africa, South America and the United States. ERA has generated ISO-validated and verified EcoNeutral® carbon offsets from the CERP project to supply clients and offset users that include HSE-Entega, Rolling Stone Magazine, Shell Canada Ltd., Air Canada, the Motion Pictures Producers Industry Association, and the Globe Foundation.

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(i) Katherine Hamilton, Milo Sjardin, Allison Shapiro, and Thomas Marcello, "Fortifying the Foundation: State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2009" (Ecosystem Marketplace & New Carbon Finance, May 20th, 2009), p.5.

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