July 04, 2008 08:26 ET

eResearch Issues Update Report on Victhom Human Bionics Inc.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 4, 2008) - Victhom Human Bionics Inc. specializes in the development of artificial intelligence-based prosthetics and fully implantable neuro-stimulation devices for the treatment of stroke-related physical dysfunctions.

As a medical device company, Victhom focuses on the research, development and commercialization of bionic devices that target physical dysfunctions caused by limb amputation, and disorders such as foot drop, sleep apnea, and chronic pain. Areas of specialty include the Orthotics and Prosthetics and neuro-modulation markets. The Company has a portfolio of 50 granted and 75 pending patents in various countries worldwide.

Victhom is currently focusing on two products: Neurostep and POWER KNEE 2. Plans to commercialize the Neurostep in 2009 mean that a partnership agreement may be on the horizon. The POWER KNEE 2 is attracting greater market attention and expanding addressable market size.

We have increased our one-year Target Price to $0.40 per share from $0.30, with our valuation based on discounted cash flow and sales multiple analyses. We continue to rate the shares as a Speculative Buy, suitable for risk-tolerant investors willing to take a longer-term view.

This Press Release was prepared by eResearch and was not vetted by Victhom Human Bionics Inc. Further, the Recommendation and Target Prices contained in this Press Release and in the Initiating Report are strictly those of eResearch and, due to securities laws, are not endorsed by Victhom Human Bionics Inc.

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