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October 09, 2012 08:00 ET

Esencia Estate Inaugurates New Mayan Era of Love With Purifying Ritual Kukulkan at Its Aroma Spa

Escape Into Mayan Tradition During a Three-Day Journey of Purification, Introspection and Renewal

RIVIERA MAYA, MEXICO--(Marketwire - Oct 9, 2012) - As an era of Mayan myth nears its completion, Esencia Estate's eco-friendly Aroma Spa is celebrating the end of the Mayan calendar with a new, rejuvenating Ritual Kukulkan. Rooted in Mayan tradition, the three-day ancient ritual is an act of purification, introspection and renewal meant to transport the soul to an elevated consciousness in tune with the era of love.

Ritual Kukulkan -- Ascend to the Highest Truth

The first organic spa in the Riviera Maya, Aroma is renowned for its eco-friendly Mayan treatments. The three-day Ritual Kukulkan is the perfect escape from the stresses and strains of your daily life.

Each day begins with a private Yokhah maya session, consisting of specific combinations of breathing exercises, hand positions, sacred sounds and physical postures of meditation, meant to induce greater harmony with the natural elements. From ancient medicinal cleanses to water massages and holistic chiropractic techniques, this journey to enlightenment is not to be missed!

Day One -- Purification
Yokhah Maya

  • "Limpia" with Copal Incense - During this all-encompassing treatment, Mayan healers use sacred copal incense to cleanse the visitor's energy field. The white smoke purifies the soul and fills the surroundings with negative ions. 
  • Temazcal - Indulge your senses as a Temazcalera, a specially trained Mayan healer, assesses the needs of your body, mind and spirit. The therapist then selects herbs that are placed on hot stones in an enclosed sauna, infusing the air with healing aromatherapy.
  • Manteada - In this ancient healing technique, a healer adjusts the body's positioning -- aligning the spine and extremities through a routine of shaking and stretching using "rebozos," Mexican shawls. End the therapeutic treatment with a relaxing Mayan mud massage that detoxifies the body's tissue, reduces inflammation and softens skin.

Day Two -- Introspection
Yokhah Maya

  • "Limpia" with Egg and Interpretation - During this cleansing ritual, a healer specializing in "limpia con huevo," rubs a shelled egg over the surface of your body -- absorbing disease and cleansing the physical being. The egg is then broken into a glass of water in preparation for the healer's interpretation. The egg reveals the type of disease or illness remedied during the cleanse.
  • Water Massage and Energy Therapy - Unwind and reflect as a massage therapist takes you through the Janzu, an aquatic therapy that helps you to achieve the Alpha state where the mind is simultaneously alert and at peace. Guided by your therapist, the movement of your weightless body in the water releases tension in the joints.

After the Janzu session, enjoy an energy stimulating Reiki session that reaffirms peace and enables you to reach a level of deep relaxation and contemplation. These therapies together promote a clear mind -- ideal for introspection.

Day Three -- Renewal
Yokhah Maya

  • "Limpia" with Herbs - After your final Yokhah maya exercise, the ritual must end with a "limpia," during which a healer uses powerful Mexican herbs to sweep away all negative energy.
  • Baño de reyes - Reward yourself for your three days of hard work, evolution and transformation with a rejuvenating bath worthy of Mayan royalty. During the treatment, your body is cleansed and anointed with herbal bath coconut milk and spices. You will emerge from the three day Ritual Kukulkan feeling renewed and in tune with the age of love.

The three-day Ritual Kukulkan package costs $1,000 per person, excluding meals and accommodations. For more information visit or call 877-528-3490.

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