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October 12, 2009 19:13 ET

ESG Lab Finds Integration of Quantum's DXi Backup Family and Symantec NetBackup OpenStorage Offers Comprehensive Data Protection Solution Across Sites and Technologies

Report Highlights Combined Value of Deduplication, Replication, Direct Tape Creation and Single Point of Management

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - October 12, 2009) - Quantum Corp. (NYSE: QTM), the leading global specialist in backup, recovery and archive, today announced analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) has validated that the integration of Quantum DXi™-Series disk-based backup and deduplication appliances with Symantec NetBackup OpenStorage API provides a comprehensive data protection solution for multi-site environments. The ESG Lab report verifies that the DXi7500 Enterprise platform and the remote-office focused DXi2500-D integrate easily with NetBackup OpenStorage API to protect data via a single point of management. The combination of remote replication and direct tape creation was shown to support high performance backup and restore as well as long-term retention and deep archive requirements. The evaluation also demonstrated the value of the latest Quantum Vision™ 3.0 software for managing and monitoring Quantum disk and tape solutions.

"The combination of Quantum's data deduplication, replication, and tape creation with Symantec NetBackup OpenStorage API provides a unique approach to optimizing a data protection strategy for distributed enterprises," said Brian Garrett, vice president of ESG Lab. "Customers now have a way to achieve high performance backup and restore with automated disaster recovery and long-term retention, all from a single point of management."

Seamless Management of Backup Data Throughout Its Lifecycle

ESG Lab found integration of Quantum's DXi™-Series systems and tape libraries with NetBackup OpenStorage API data protection solution in NetBackup version 6.5.4 to be seamless. In its evaluation, the lab used NetBackup to manage backup data through its lifecycle: from a remote office to a data center, then to tape for low-cost offsite retention. For the replication phase, the DXi-Series system copied and moved the backup data using Quantum's deduplication technology, reducing bandwidth requirements by more than 90 percent. The replication operation was initiated automatically through policies set and managed inside NetBackup. The NetBackup catalog automatically tracked both the original and copy and could read from both. This application-aware replication automated disaster recovery protection for remote sites while maintaining a single point of management through NetBackup. The results of the lab validation demonstrated the value that a combined DXi-Symantec OpenStorage solution provides in terms of better protection, reduction of removable media in smaller offices, and lower overall costs.

The Combination of Remote Replication and Direct Tape Creation

NetBackup policies initiated the writing of data from the DXi-Series system directly to an attached Quantum tape library. All data movement was direct from disk to tape, without moving data back through the media server. In addition, the data movement was initiated by NetBackup policies, and all copies of the data, on both disk and tape, were tracked in the NetBackup catalog. ESG Lab could also browse various copies of the NetBackup catalog and select the location from which to restore. Combining remote replication and direct tape creation provides a unique ability for customers to use their backup application to automatically manage data across sites and technology tiers, reducing management and backup costs, and automating disaster recovery. This combination also delivers high performance backup and restore while meeting long-term retention and deep archive requirements.

"ESG has now validated the industry-first capability provided by combining the direct tape creation functions of Quantum's DXi-Series with NetBackup OpenStorage interface," said Janae Lee, senior vice president of Marketing for Quantum. "Quantum and Symantec have created a practical way to make backup work in multi-site environments, including those with both disk and tape. The result is fast backup, reliable restore, automated disaster recovery across sites, while utilizing tape for longer term retention, all managed transparently to give users better protection and significant return on investment."

Quantum Vision 3.0 Management and Monitoring Capabilities

ESG Lab also evaluated Quantum Vision™ 3.0 software and affirmed the value of its newest enhancements in reporting on and managing data protection across Quantum's entire line of disk and tape solutions. The report noted that in addition to being visually appealing, Quantum Vision 3.0 provided excellent management and monitoring functionality. ESG Lab found tools such as deduplication trend analysis to be a good example of the deep, yet intuitive value of Quantum Vision's capabilities.

The complete ESG Lab Validation Report is available today to download at The report was commissioned by Quantum.

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