April 19, 2012 07:44 ET Is Partnering With Insurance Agents for Reaching US Hispanics

Espanol Seguros Is a Bilingual Marketplace for Hispanic Consumers Who Find Local Agents and Save Money on Their Insurance

WAKEFIELD, MA--(Marketwire - Apr 19, 2012) - has announced that is partnering with insurance agents across the United States to support their bilingual sales force with the highest converting leads in the industry. With multiple wage earners and an average household size of 4 people or more, along with increasing adoption rates, US Hispanics are now an attractive and profitable market segment for insurance companies, particularly auto insurance.

In today's competitive insurance climate, vying for new customers is a challenge. According to Andrew Laine, Founder of Spanish Insurance, LLC, "All of our leads are delivered real time to ensure maximum conversion. Whether you use a CRM or need the leads emailed to you, our platform will deliver."

According to Hispanic Market Advisors, a recent study by the Life Foundation revealed that 93% of the Latino population believes that life insurance, as well as a health insurance is important, but 49% of the people who participated in the survey said they did not have enough coverage. "The main reasons US Hispanics don't have enough coverage is the cost of the insurance, the lack of knowledge about insurance coverage and procrastination," explains Andrew Laine. The main ingredient to reverse Latino buying patterns when it comes to auto, health and life insurance is education. By providing Hispanic consumers with an educational platform in Spanish and English, and a national network of insurance agents ready to walk them through the insurance process, Espanol Seguros is positioning itself as a single stop website for Latinos.

As Andrew Laine affirms, "There will always be one section of the Hispanic population that is growing faster than another, but all groups need insurance." The Internet offers the greatest opportunity when it comes to providing insurance coverage for the Hispanic market. allows insurance agents to connect directly with Hispanic consumers that are interested in learning about insurance in Spanish. Although leads come from 47 of the 50 states, the majority of them are originating in Top Hispanic Metropolitan areas, such as those in Florida, Texas, California, New York, Georgia, New Jersey, Illinois and Virginia.

If you're a US Hispanic or Latino, have the preference to talk to an insurance agent who can speak your language, visit and get free quotes from insurance companies to start saving money on your insurance policies. If you're an insurance agent looking to expand your customer base among Hispanics and boost your sales, contact Spanish Insurance to receive advertising opportunities.

About is a single stop website for Latinos who are looking to save money on their auto insurance, home insurance and life insurance. Hispanic consumers submit some basic information through a user-friendly lead form or by calling (877) MY-SEGUROS or (877) 697-3487, and minutes later are connected with the right insurance professional who walks them through the process of obtaining a new policy, or reviewing their current policy for savings.

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