SOURCE: eSpor, Inc.

December 18, 2008 13:56 ET

eSpor Launches Cutting-Edge Software for Sports Organizations

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - December 18, 2008) - eSpor, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of its cutting-edge software to provide high school, college, semi-professional and professional level coaches a winning edge.

According to Jason Graves, PhD, President of eSpor, Inc., eSpor is responding to a market where demand for winning is everything. "In today's competitive sports arena, gaining a winning edge is becoming increasingly important for successful coaches, requiring them to add sophisticated technology to help their programs succeed."

Jason Graves goes on to say, "The way coaches track actions and analyze performance is unique to their sport and their style of coaching. eSpor has developed applications for football, basketball, soccer and volleyball coaches to take their coaching to the highest level. Each package has been created specifically for each sport, making our products unique in the industry."

eSpor has successfully developed and brought to market two products: eAnalyze™ and eAssist™.

eAnalyze™ provides performance analysis that tracks individual actions and statistics. Actions are linked to actual game footage allowing coaches to review and analyze individual and team performance and perform video cut-up automatically.

eAssist™ provides coaches an electronic assistant coach to organize player data (game, performance and body stats) and develop training and game plans. As part of game planning, eAssist™ provides tools to create and present extremely powerful 3D playbooks ensuring precise team play and more efficient practices.

Originally formed in Turkey, eSpor has over 200 successful customers in Europe. One satisfied customer, Murat Ozyer, says, "I used eAnalyze™ after I was appointed head coach of a professional basketball team in Turkey. eAnalyze™ uses a different strategy than any other technology I've seen. I was able to analyze my opponents, as well as my team. My team was able to capitalize on our opponents' tendencies tracked by eAnalyze™. eSpor products definitely gave us a strategic advantage on the court and were instrumental in helping us win the national league championship in Turkey."

To purchase or to find out more information about eAnalyze™ and eAssist™, interested parties should visit or contact eSpor at +1-303-731-3635.

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eSpor, Inc. develops, markets and sells software for sports organizations; providing coaches with advanced game performance tracking and analysis, video analysis capabilities, play simulation and game planning solutions. For the latest news, information, or an online demonstration, visit the company's web site ( or call +1-303-731-3635.

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