Pizza Pizza Limited

Pizza Pizza Limited

October 27, 2009 07:00 ET

Etobicoke Councillor Welcomes Pizza Pizza's New Green Headquarters to the Lakeshore Community

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 27, 2009) - Earlier this month, Pizza Pizza Limited moved is corporate office to a new, specially designed, environmentally-sound office at 500 Kipling Avenue in Etobicoke. The new location is an example of Pizza Pizza's continued innovation and commitment to environmentally sustainable practices.

"It's always a pleasure to welcome a company that not only brings jobs to our community, but that also runs its business in a well thought out and sustainable fashion," says Councillor Mark Grimes of Ward Six. "Pizza Pizza is the type of business that we want to have locally, one that gives back and is ready to work with local groups to better the neighbourhood."

The new facility covers seven acres with an enclosed building space of 138,000 square feet that includes 15,000 square feet of cooler and freezer space, and features three wind turbines and rooftop panels that will help power the company's call centre. Combined with passive solar heating and storage cell batteries, these environmental technologies will provide 24 kilowatts of generating power and store up to 100 kilowatts for when wind and solar generation is not available, reducing the overall electrical load for the building by 10 to 15 per cent.

"Pizza Pizza's employees, and organizational culture, avidly support environmental initiatives," says Pat Finelli Pizza Pizza's chief marketing officer. "We hope that our new head office will provide sustainable and efficient use of resources. The community and Councillor Grimes have been very gracious and supportive of our efforts and in welcoming us to Etobicoke."

Pizza Pizza's environmental initiatives also extend beyond the new head office. All warehouse lighting at its commissary, for example, has been changed from the existing 400W metal bulbs to energy efficient 100W T5 high output bulb. This reduces the overall energy use by 75% while increasing the luminous output by 30%.

Other Pizza Pizza Environmental Initiatives:

- The building itself is 40 years old and has now been given a major update
and facelift, which makes it an asset to Kipling Avenue
- A passive Solar wall that was partly funded by National Resources Canada
(black panels with an air gap) has been installed to help heat the
warehouse via circulating air (gas backup)
- The energy from the heated exhaust generated by refrigeration units is
captured and pumped back to the freezer room area
- A high efficiency (need for less salt) snowmelt system has been installed
to heat the front granite walk when it senses snow is falling
- The new office was renovated and enhanced to provide as much natural light
as possible
- The building is self-sustaining in the event of a natural disaster or
major black out with diesel back up generators

About Pizza Pizza Limited

Founded in 1967, Pizza Pizza Limited is an industry pioneer and the number one pizza chain in the Canadian Quick Service Restaurant industry by sales and restaurant locations. With its Pizza Pizza and Pizza 73 banners and an extended team comprising more than 3,000 people, the company plays an active role in the communities it serves through fundraisers, donations and local sponsorships at the corporate and franchise levels. The company is guided by a mission to provide the "best food, made especially for you" and a focus on quality ingredients, customer service, community contribution and continual innovation. Some of the innovations developed or expanded upon include: insulated delivery bags (1967), the original one number system (1967), 11-11 telephone jingle (1975), double-decker pizza boxes (1985) and gluten-free dough (2008). Visit for more information.

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