May 02, 2007 10:18 ET

ETS and the American Association of Community Colleges Co-Host Conference to Study Community Colleges' Contributions Toward Closing the Achievement Gap

PRINCETON, NJ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 2, 2007 -- ETS and the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) will co-host a two-day conference at ETS to take stock of the contributions that community colleges make to American society, and the role they play in closing achievement gaps, especially for their minority, immigrant, low-income and first generation and adult students.

The conference, "Addressing Achievement Gaps: How Community Colleges Contribute to Equity in Education and the Workforce," will take place May 21-22 on the ETS grounds in Princeton, New Jersey. Speakers drawn from national organizations, research universities and community colleges will discuss the latest data, analyses and innovative policies and practices community colleges use as they seek to close achievement gaps. Among the topics planned for the conference are:

--  Historical Perspectives on Community Colleges and Achievement Gaps
--  Enrollments and Attendance Patterns at Community Colleges
--  Closing Gaps in Mathematics, Literacy and English as a Second Language
--  How Do Two-Year Minority-Serving Institutions Fare in Closing Gaps?
--  Community Colleges Preparing Students for the Workforce
--  Barriers to Transfer and Retention
--  Placement, Remediation Approaches
--  Defending the Community College Equity Agenda
--  Pre-K - 20 Alignment
--  Crisis Prevention or Disaster Recovery: Implications of "America's
    Perfect Storm" and the ETS Community College Initiative
"For many students, community colleges are primary portals for entry to the workplace and to baccalaureate degree programs," says Dr. Michael Nettles, Senior Vice President of ETS's Center for Policy Evaluation and Research. "Community colleges serve a very diverse population of students, making them key players in the nation's efforts to reduce educational and employment achievement gaps, especially in such areas as mathematics, literacy and including English for U.S., immigrant and international students."

Community college leaders, faculty, administrators, researchers, representatives of community college organizations and the general public are invited to attend. For additional information on the conference, visit or contact Barbara Klish at (609) 734-5641 or

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