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February 23, 2010 10:34 ET

ETS Aviation Helps Operators Make the Right Choice With ETS Reporting

GIBRALTAR--(Marketwire - February 23, 2010) -  As more Operators are drawn into the European ETS, many questions remain as to the practicality of meeting annual reporting emissions requirements. ETS Aviation helps clarify your reporting options.

There are two types of reporting; Simplified and Complex. While most small emitter operators may initially be drawn to Simplified Reporting because of its title, there are a lot of details to consider before making your decision.

Simplified Reporting is based on averaged flight data and estimated fuel consumption data. It is anticipated that the estimated fuel consumption date will come from Eurocontrol for a fee. This may be sufficient for those who fly low hours. However, operators expecting a larger CO2 bill or those needing to use actual flight and load data to claim their free Tonne Kilometer carbon credits at the end of 2010 have the option to base this amount on their actual fuel used. Contrary to its name, Complex Reporting need not be either complicated or time-consuming; it can be managed with ease. The fact is that there are few differences in the administration involved.

Another key factor is that a US-based Emissions Trading Scheme or even a global aviation emissions system is widely anticipated, in which case the Eurocontrol data will be useless to those operators flying outside of Eurocontrol monitoring. The right answer will lie with in-house solutions that accurately track emissions based on actual fuel usage. Software solutions will be the chosen method, representing value and simplicity alongside accuracy and analysis.

Outsourcing options
If you choose Complex reporting, there are services and software systems available that will automate nearly everything, making your job and administrative duties less complicated and will facilitate a climate responsibility program. (See Aviation Footprinter below)

ETS Aviation's CEO David Carlisle says, "Our ETS specialists offer practical help to operators large and small. Our Helpdesk produces results within 36 hours. We provide easy to use software solutions, or an ETS Support Service on a subscription basis. Many of our clients are opting to outsource, wisely, in our opinion."

Few differences between complex and simplified reporting
ETS recently conducted a detailed analysis of the actual differences between a complex and a simplified Annual Emissions Report. "The main difference is in the methodology of calculating the fuel consumption; all other parameters are the same," explained Denis Quinn, one of ETS Aviation's senior experts.

"Between August 2009 and January 2010 we helped more than 50 aviation operators from all over the world manage their ETS obligations. The key is in providing all the facilities of an in-house ETS specialist department at a reasonable cost. We can save operators days of administrative time and hassle and they can fast track to expertise across the whole ETS spectrum."

The ETS Support Service is provided via a modest annual subscription. To find out more go to

About Aviation Footprinter™
First launched by ETS Aviation in 2010, Aviation Footprinter™ is designed exclusively for the aviation industry to make short work of monitoring, reporting and submitting your emissions data. It builds a picture of your carbon emissions, auto audits the data through its error checking system and generates in seconds the mandatory reports required by the EEC. The system is compatible with FOS.

According to one early adopter airline, "The inbuilt cross-check logic is a big upside. It irons out most mistakes in input data or at least flags them for corrective action. Plus it produces an annual report that's ready for audit and ready for submission."

ETS Aviation is currently offering a FREE TRIAL of Aviation Footprinter. To find out more go to

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