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March 23, 2011 06:47 ET

ETS, Stockton College Establish Regional Internship Center of Southern New Jersey

PRINCETON, NJ--(Marketwire - March 23, 2011) - Educational Testing Service (ETS) and The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey (Stockton) are pleased to announce the creation of the Regional Internship Center of Southern New Jersey (RICSJ) which promotes economic growth in the region by fostering the career readiness of college students.

The RICSJ will, through alliance, assist companies and educational institutions adapt to the changing needs of the workplace and the current fluctuating economic realities. Along with developing training programs for internship supervision, counseling and coaching seminars, and online workshops in career-readiness skills, the RICSJ will provide design and management services for corporate programs. This will align student qualifications and career interests with talent pipeline demands through a rigorous application process.

ETS's Scholarship & Recognition Programs (SRP) is providing the RICSJ with design, program management, and administrative services to implement and support the corporate clients' internship programs. The collaboration combines the knowledge and expertise of the Stockton and SRP staff in student evaluation, program evaluation, and human capital development.

On behalf of the RICSJ, ETS is reaching out to business leaders who are interested in building a substantive talent pipeline for their organizations and would like to explore what the RICSJ offers: a service that provides a customized internship program aligned with an employer's demand for skill and knowledge. The program supports corporate initiatives for recruiting, talent acquisition, university relationships and new hire retention. 

"By aligning and developing relationships with businesses and government to help college students transition into the workforce, New Jersey should realize more graduates employed, more productivity and innovation, and an improved regional economy," said Frank Gatti, ETS's Chief Financial Officer.

The RICSJ has the following goals:

  • Provide a comprehensive service for all sectors of the region to access talent, and establish business partnerships that increase commerce
  • Link students to potential employers early in their academic careers to develop regional human capital for economic growth
  • Service talented students from all institutions of higher education to gain career-related knowledge as interns
  • Enrich the talent pipeline for each employer by providing customized program designs to meet the strategic objectives for inclusion, diversity, innovation and leadership

The RICSJ increases incentives for college-preparatory courses and will advance workforce development by linking students early in their academic careers to the workplace. The educational process of higher education learning, and the synthesis and application of that knowledge, will enhance the learning curve of our students as they gain the skills for their respective professions.

In addition, it is the RICSJ's vision that businesses will have access to a full range of its resources -- including intellectual pursuits, arts and well-qualified potential employees who are familiar with corporate culture and ethics. Furthermore, by working through the RICSJ, other South Jersey educational institutions may save the costs of developing their own individual internship placement offices.

Students will benefit from a portfolio of rich experiences. They will gain real-world knowledge of a career path; knowledge about processes and skills in a work environment; communication, teamwork, responsibility and interpersonal skills; and content knowledge within a field.

Government agencies will find value in the RICSJ's through its ability to build its own network, which could include not only the participating institutions and their intern sites, but the Workforce Investment Boards, economic development associations, technology charter schools and others.

For more information on the RICSJ, please call Linda Bailey, ETS Education Program Advisor at (609) 243-6545 or visit and click on "Regional Internship Center" on the left side of the Web page.

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